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Posted about 2 years ago

Are you a happy, energetic person that's exceptionally skilled in Javascript / Node.js ?**We want you to join our team.**

Team Director is a US-based company that will revolutionize marketing automation and customer retention. We are a stealth-mode project of 7 top-notch developers spread across three continents. Contact us for more info about the company.

This is a**full-time, REMOTE position**, during normal work hours. Qualified candidates are welcome to apply by sending CV. Questions welcome!

# Responsibilities
We expect you to love the product!

We want you to think out of the box. Suggest features, argue your points, and demand improvements. Own your code. Review other developers' code and comment. Test new features and comment. Suggest who to hire. And more.

# Requirements
- Exceptional Node.js, Javascript, HTML5, CSS

- Ability to communicate in English (text-only is fine)

- Good SQL

- Positive and energetic personality

- Not afraid to learn new technologies