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Posted over 1 year ago

We are a small online coding school looking for an online teacher. You will be teaching mobile app development using Dart/Flutter and/or Java/Android. Your role will involve:

a) Teaching live, online classes via Zoom - kind of like this:

b) Monitoring the school's Slack channels and answering student homework questions

c) Overseeing student teams as they build real-world projects for clients on

d) Assessing school applicants

e) Working with other teachers and administrators to develop the course curriculum and overall strategy


1. Excellent proficiency in English, both written and spoken

2. Excellent knowledge of Java or Javascript

3. 4 years work experience in an object-oriented language


1. Teaching experience

2. Experience with the Dart/Flutter framework

3. Experience with Java/Kotlin/Android


This is a full-time role - ie. 40 hours per week.  Our students are in India so you will need to be available to work 8 hours sometime between 7:30 am and 10 pm, India time, Monday to Friday.  For example if you are in the UK then you will likely be working 8:30 am to 4:30 pm UK time; if you are in Melbourne then your workday will be more like 1 pm to 9 pm, Melbourne time.  (Due to these scheduling constraints we cannot accept applicants based in North America or South America).


Pay will be based on experience and location, with a bonus dependant on student achievement.

Hiring Process:

1. Send us your CV along with your desired salary and maximum 150 words on why you are suitable for this role.  Please include a description of an interesting project or functionality you implemented and how you went about it.

2. If it looks like a fit, we'll invite you to take a 60 minute remote screening Java or Javascript test (your choice of language).  We will email you 3 coding problems and you will need to write code to solve the problems and then email us your code within 60 minutes.  

3. If you pass the screening test, we will schedule a 2-hour meeting on Zoom for a more in-depth coding challenge and to assess your communication skills and learn about your goals and experience. We will repeat these 2-hour Zoom meetings a few times until we are confident you are a good match for this role.  We will pay you a reasonable hourly rate for each of these meetings.

4. If all goes well, we'll offer you a position on our team! Alternatively if we reject you at any stage we will notify you by email.