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Posted 11 months ago

Chef expert? Join us to grow our automated infrastructure and help others on the team deliver infrastructure as code.

As a DNSimple Engineer, you are responsible for developing automation and managing risk for our mixed bare metal & cloud based infrastructure. This includes assisting development with application lifecycle management and growing our current platform to address the evolving requirements of our customers.

The Technical Operations Team:
  • We are a fully distributed team of experienced professionals.
  • We use Chef-Infra to manage all systems and Chef-Inspec to test our changes in CI/CD.
  • We update and use our documentation rigorously to keep runbooks up to date.
  • We automate wherever possible; documenting, understanding, and then removing manual procedures.
  • We test our code, we use code review, and we ship multiple times a day.
  • Build, maintain, & enhance the infrastructure for our applications and dependencies.
  • Help deploy and manage our various application's lifecycles.
  • Review resources usage, define changing capacity requirements, & tune where necessary.
  • Maintain metric based montitors and attached runbooks to help the whole team rapidly triage & resolve issues.
  • Update and clarify documentation, incident handling, and operational procedures.
  • Communicate progress on projects with the DNSimple team through GitHub & Trello.
  • Review other team members pull requests in a timely fashion.
  • Answer customer support requests, helping customers achieve their goals and recording issues when changes need to be made to handle bugs or enhancements.
  • Participate in our 24hr cycle incident management on-call rotation.
  • Strong English comprehension and writing skills.
  • Previous experience using Chef-Infra, Ubuntu, and PostgreSQL is required.
  • Previous experience deployment Ruby web applications is required.
  • Experience tuning and managing Linux system lifecycle is a must.
  • Linux networking and software controlled BGP experience is preferred.
  • Experience managing or developing Go or Erlang is a bonus.