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Posted 7 months ago

Hey I’m Devin Zander 👋! I’m the co-founder and CEO of Skup, a remote-first Shopify app company that gives you everything you need to quickly start, grow and scale your e-commerce business. 

Our team of 17 people (based all over the world), work to develop unique tools and training that can transform our customer’s Shopify stores into multi million-dollar businesses. It’s pretty amazing to hear our customer results (and the thing that drives us the most). 🤓

I’m writing this unusually personal post from the first person because I’m in need of help (and I’m hoping you can be the right person to solve this problem 🤞) . 

As a marketing and creative-first CEO, I’ve been struggling over the past few years to scale the company as fast as we’ve grown. Quite honestly, we have amazing team members, but we’ve never had an Operations person to make the entire machine run smoothly. I’ve tried, but it’s just not my best skill set. 

Now that we’ve really found our stride, I’m hoping to find the perfect fit for our company and to bring on someone who is excited about transforming Skup into the best version of itself. 

As a company, we’ve been built upon certain values within our team. We aim to grow a
family that is always:

  • Honest and Insightful
  • Engaging and Well-informed
  • Solution Experts
  • Proactive and Consistent

From a high-level, here are my current expectations of the role (but, who knows… this may change dependent on our needs):

  • Meet the team (we use Slack) - set up 1:1’s, review meetings, and get to know everyone. The team aspect will be the most important part of the job!
  • Review our current organizational systems and audit what we have
  • Create new operational systems for the company to build upon (operational, engineering, HR, customer success, and finance)
  • Creating team OKR’s to work towards as a team (each department)
  • Add documentation and materials into Notion (our company Wiki)
  • Meetings with department heads for on-going projects (you’ll be meeting with me, our CTO, and any other leads who are involved)
  • Bi-Weekly meeting with myself to go over Business Development ideas and project scopes (we can set up a time that works best for you)
  • Day to day focus on management processes, implementing new ideas, and working with team members to solve problems 
  • Hiring process updates and being the lead to hire, onboarding, and manage new team members

Honestly, it’ll be a role that has many responsibilities, but the general goal will simply be to help our team run more efficiently. 

Since we’ll be working together on such a close basis, I wanted to hear more about what YOU think it’ll take to succeed in this role. 

If you can respond with an email to with subject line “Systems for SKUP” and outline:

1) What do you think are the most important qualities you need to thrive in a team like this?

2) What do you think is critical for a CEO - Operations relationship to effectively communicate and execute on a day to day basis?

3) What is it about Operations that you love so much? 

4) Not required, but always is helpful: Shoot a short video explaining more about yourself and what’s getting you excited about SKUP. 

This is a fully remote, full-time position and we’ll be happy to invest in you, as well!

As a US employee you will earn:

  • Strong competitive salary (based on experience)
  • Potential revenue share based on performance
  • Incentivized bonuses based on OKR Progress
  • PPO Insurance (Health, Dental, Vision & Life) (We Pay 75%)
  • $1,000/Year in travel credits (Airbnb, or the airline of your choice)
  • $360/Year in “Pet funds” for your furry friends
  • $720/Year towards your gym membership
  • $240/Year towards your music subscription (Spotify, Pandora)
  • $180/Year towards learning another language (Babbel, Duolingo)

You’ll also earn benefits after 2 months:

  • 20 Vacation Days Per Year
  • Unlimited Book/Audiobook fund
  • Mentorship program reimbursement

We’re hoping you are a fit and excited to have you possibly join the SKUP Family - a team of intelligent, driven and friendly individuals with one goal in mind: to better the lives of others in the e-commerce space.


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