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Posted about 2 months ago


We are a fast growing e-commerce company from Sweden called The NAP Lab. We specialize in products that can improve your sleep!

Our main markets are currently Sweden, Denmark and Norway. In 2021 we are also launching in more European markets including Germany and Finland.

We have a showroom in Sweden, in the city of Norrköping. In this city we also have our warehouse and an office. We are a small but driven team with a strong background in international trade and e-commerce.

For us having a pleasant work environment is always essential, regardless if we are working remotely or not. We want to create a culture where work feels fun and positive.

We are now looking to hire a Paid Media Manager. You will be in charge of the entire media buying strategy. In 2020 our ad spend was around 1m USD, but we are hoping to at least double that this year (profitably). 

We’re looking for someone with at least 1.5 years of verifiable success in PPC and ad buying. You must talk the talk AND walk the walk. You will be reporting directly to the Marketing Manager who has a very strong understanding of Facebook Advertising, so we will know if you know your shit or not!

It’s important that you can work at both strategic and tactical levels. While you will have copywriters, designers, and video editors to support you, we want someone who isn’t afraid of getting their hands dirty.

What will you be doing?

You will be in charge of all Facebook Ads media buying. Setting up and running the accounts, conducting A/B tests, suggest improvements to the funnels etc. We would also love to see you develop your skills in other areas of e-commerce as well (reporting, conversion rate optimization, SEO) as well as other types of media buying (Google Ads, Pinterest, Tik-Tok etc.).

Media Buying & Management
  • Develop, manage and optimize comprehensive paid social campaigns (mainly Facebook Ads)
  • Audience research, audience building and ad creation
  • Audit and optimizing existing social media ad campaigns
  • Manage social performance reporting process
  • Organize hypotheses and recommendations
  • Communicate consistently and professionally with Marketing Manager
  • Setup, verify and troubleshooting pixels, tracking codes etc.
  • Setup, verify and troubleshooting FB product catalogs

What we are looking for?

  • Growth Mindset – You’re constantly seeking ways to sharpen your sword, learning new skills, seeking out mentors, networking, researching best practices, etc.
  • Data-Driven – Comfortable flexing the analytical side of your brain with a passion for pouring through reams of response data to detect patterns of success to replicate
  • Passion for digital marketing so strong that you talk to digital marketers in your spare time
  • We would love if you have a strong command in any of the following languages (not a must): German, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian or Danish
  • Strong written and spoken English language skills
  • Able to analyze data, set up dashboards, and self-manage
  • Extremely detail-oriented and organized
  • Enjoy working with others to create media such as landing pages, marketing videos, and copy
  • You want to be known as a great growth hacker, digital marketer, or product marketer
  • 1.5+ Years of Verifiable Experience with Paid Ads, PPC and data analytics
  • Someone with a proven track record of delivering a solid ROAS in Facebook Ads

Why you should join us

A GREAT opportunity to join a fast growing and exciting company. You will be in charge of  paid media, so this is really a great opportunity to take a leading role in our journey. We will offer a great package to the right candidate.

We are a FUN team! We are doing this because we like the freedom, and because we believe in our mission to help people improve their sleep. The human side of business is the most important for us, we want to build a team where everyone can feel positivity and excitement in their work-life.

We will give you a lot of chances to sharpen your skills. Our network includes a lot of the fastest growing e-commerce stores in the world. We will give you opportunities to take courses, talk to other paid media mangers etc. on an ongoing basis. We all know how quickly the landscape in e-com and paid ads changes.

We are very flexible. For us the most important is that you do the job we agree on. Where you do it or when is not our main concern. We believe in trust and a mutual understanding of where we are heading.

We would love to hear from you! Please send us your CV and a paragraph where you outline your proven track record in Facebook Advertising. Also let us know your expected salary range and your availability.

Thank you so much for your time :)