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Posted over 1 year ago

Our mission is to build the world’s best part time job. We spend our time thinking about how to give a global workforce complete control of their own work life while automating the hundreds of thousands of man hours which would normally be required to manage people on this scale.

We do this using React & Typescript on the frontend backed up by GraphQL servers, some written in Ruby and Rails and some in Elixir and Phoenix.

Businesses ranging from the largest high-street retailers to five star hotels and independent coffee boutiques rely on Catapult as their casual workforce. If you’ve spent time in a large UK city, you’ve probably been served by a Catapult waiter or sales assistant without even realising it!

We’re well funded by some amazing investors, our product is live in over 100 locations across the UK and we’ve recently launched in Berlin making us the first and only pan-european player in this space.

Our company values are really important to us and influence every facet of how we work together.

As our distributed product organisation grows, we're looking for somebody to help us improve our devops infrastructure and tooling, this includes:

1. Migrating our CI (gitlab) and feature branch deploys (GKE) to AWS

2. Upgrading our delivery pipeline for our mobile applications

3. Creating tooling and documentation to help engineers interact with our infrastructure

4. Helping us optimise our database infrastructure as we scale

And probably many other challenges we don't yet know about! You can read more about how we approach engineering with our engineering principles;

For now we're looking for someone to work with us on this 1-3 days a week, we're happy to be flexible on logistics, we could also work on a project basis. We're also flexible on direct employment v contracting depending on situation, location and structure.

About You

You've got deep experience working with AWS but are equally happy working on bare metal or with generic VPS providers like Linode or Digital Ocean. You're comfortable working with Ansible and Terraform and consider anything which isn't fully automated unfinished. You consider DevOps to be a first class value adding field rather than a support function and like to work closely with the rest of the product organisation.