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Posted 9 months ago

We're looking to grow our team at, and bring on an additional PHP & React Programmer that can help us build some beautifully designed web, mobile, and tablet applications for some of our incredible clients across the globe!

This position is available as a 1099 contractor, will be part-time hours (you have flexibility in your schedule to determine hours), and can be remote (we're not located in any one specific location). However, all candidates must be a US-based citizen or have a US-based EIN number. 

For more information about the available position, please continue reading below!


1) You will meet with your assigned clients and project manager at Chop Dawg on a weekly and/or bi-weekly basis during a scheduled Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday call.

2) You will meet deliverable deadlines (agreed upon by both parties) for the projects you have in your portfolio.

3) You will communicate with our incredible team at Chop Dawg and your assigned clients within a timely manner, and conduct yourself professionally yet not be afraid to be yourself and show personality (we want you to have fun and be yourself with us!).

4) You will follow's award-winning project methodologies for producing results on behalf of our clients.

5) You will be detailed, diligent, and courteous in your programming for scalability once a project has been completed by you. You have the ability to support the team when questions and clarity are needed.

6) You will be able to work with programmers on your project (such as other PHP developers, React developers, React Native developers, and occasionally even WordPress developers); working in unison on many projects.

7) You will be able to work with the designer(s) of your project, receiving critical feedback and advice when it comes to what you’re creating to ensure it matches the client’s (and designer’s) expectations when it comes to the frontend of a product.

8) You will be able to work with your project manager, and help keep the project organized, on schedule, and at the highest quality possible.


1) Must be proficient with programming in both PHP & React, and have experience building (and deploying) web, iPhone, Android, and tablet-based applications in the past; please share some examples of launched apps when you reach out to us!

2) Must be proficient in responsive frontend programming, being able to program completed high fidelity mockup designs, and having them match flawlessly on a web browser for desktop devices, tablet devices, and mobile devices. Please share some examples of apps you programmed following mockup designs when you reach out to us!

3) Must have had experience working with team members and clients remotely in the past

4) Must have availability to communicate during the week at regular business hours (although we are a remote operation, we run in Eastern Standard Time from 9 AM until 7 PM on business days) and ability to begin working within the next few weeks

5) Must be a team player and the ability to accept feedback when it comes to your programming from our clients, designers, and project managers 

6) Preferred proficiency with InVision, Google Drive, Asana, GitHub, and Slack

7) Bonus but not necessary for this available position: You have experience working in React Native, WordPress, and handling MySQL databases

8) Most importantly, must love what they do and be excited to help our clients bring their dreams to life


You'll be offered on multiple occasions different applications to work on that you can agree to accept. Each client provides a different budget and timeline. If accepted, you'll be compensated at a set-rate per milestone payment schedule to be agreed upon between our company and you. Compensation can range from $2,500 to $7,500, per month and per project, depending on the project and deliverable schedule. Most of our existing PHP & React Programmers work on between 1-2 projects at once, once they become comfortable with our company methodologies and process.