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Posted over 1 year ago

**Join us on our quest to make the world's most awesome maps**

Awesome Maps is making exactly that, awesome maps. We have different lines of maps like illustrated special interest maps, design maps, diy maps and more.

**Where we are and where we are going**

We are based across the world (check us out on our about page --> or our Instagram --> and are bringing out new maps constantly. We sell our maps worldwide - offline and online. This year we want to strengthen our online presence.

**About the position**

We are a small and energetic, result oriented team and are looking for people that are the same. We are looking for a doer who is ready to get shit done. We focus on results and work independently. The position is remote and part time. You have other clients and that's fine. You still feel like you're part of our team though and would love to join us for our team events in Berlin or Bali. If things go really well we all go to Easter Island 🗿

**What you get**

* Challenging and rewarding projects. You will be responsible for the success of your projects.
* A budget to work with. The better you do the more budget you have.
* A challenging setup and an opportunity to learn and grow. You have an idea you want to try? Do it!
* Work remotely with flexible hours.
* Long-term. We want you to stay with us! We are looking forward to meeting you!

# Responsibilities
You have a super important role within Awesome Maps and are responsible for our biggest budget - the marketing budget. You take care of our Facebook and Instagram ads. Ideally you also have a background in other performance based marketing channels and can help us with that as well. 95% focus on Facebook and Insta though.

**You work autonomously on**
* the whole campaign creation process from start to finish
* monitoring and optimizing campaign performance on a daily basis
* experimenting with new ideas while also focusing on what works

# Requirements
* 2 yrs experience managing Facebook & Instagram ad accounts with a minimum account budget of USD 100k/year
* You have worked with/in start-ups before and feel comfortable in this environment.
* You have worked in all aspects of ad campaign management: campaign setup, ad trafficking, optimizations and reporting and analysis
* You are unafraid to try and experiment when it comes to audience creation
* You have the ability to write ad copies and create basic creatives (basic photo & video editing skills)
* You know the Facebook Ads Manager & Power Editor inside an out
* You have great understanding of custom audiences and lookalike audiences
* You have a deep knowledge of bidding techniques
* You are comfortable with numbers
* You are willing to be measured by your success and also accept a big variable factor in what we pay you
* You get shit done. No excuses, no sitting idle and waiting for someone to tell you what to do. You figure it out yourself and get it done
* You are not afraid to give and receive constructive feedback
* You can and do communicate clearly
* You are looking to work with us for at least one year
* We are a remote team, so you can work from anywhere. However, we do not hire people who spend most of their time traveling. We’re working on achieving great things, so do not apply if you don’t have a permanent place to stay or change your location every couple of weeks

Depending on your experience level - your work is 100% performance based and we can pay you competitively.