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Posted over 1 year ago

The Developer Solutions team is responsible for engineering and delivering cutting-edge tools to aid developers in leveraging Gannett’s cloud platform and tools. These services support 20+ development teams, 110 news brands, and more than 110 million unique monthly visitors.

The Developer will play a key role in developing programmatic infrastructure for and maintaining some of our largest pieces of platform infrastructure, including our CDN provider and API gateway. The Developer will also work to develop and maintain APIs that simplify and standardize usage of platform tooling. You will be exposed to large scale, fault tolerant and highly available architectures on which you will be expected to develop subject matter expertise over time. Golang, Terraform, Kubernetes, and Docker are a few of the technologies you will use to deliver these services.

If you have a passion for programmatic and reliable infrastructure development or rapid API development, you would probably fit in well here. We believe in automation, learning, challenging and bettering our peers, and owning the full stack of what we develop.


* Improve our CDN delivery

* Deal directly with our CDN vendor.

* Write VCL and Terraform code to deploy updates to our largest applications protected by our CDN.

* Work on improving the deploy and testing pipeline around our CDN.

* Service customers in interacting and learning how to add updates to our CDN service code.

* Manage and provide self-service administration of API gateway (Apigee):

* Deal directly with our API gateway vendor.

* Work on creating and improving self-service.

* Work on developing and improving CI around our proxy creation and maintenance.

* Develop backend APIs in Golang to simplify and automate using the cloud platform at Gannett:

* Work in a full-stack environment to deploy, monitor, and maintain these APIs.

* Interact with internal customers to gather feedback about APIs.

* Be vocal about new ideas and features that could improve these APIs.

* Improve and help establish best practice around our application and infrastructure monitoring.

* Execute code reviews, challenge assumptions and mentor others on the team.

* Participate in planning for two-week sprints.

* Participate in tool optimization and cost reduction analysis.

* Assist in improving our onboarding structure and documentation.

* Contribute to open source as needed.

Day-to-day Breakdown:

* 35% - CDN Support/Development

* 35% - API and Pipeline Development

* 15% - API Gateway Support/Management

* 10% - Customer support

* 5% - New Technology Evaluation

It would be a plus if you have experience with any of the following technologies, or a desire to learn them:


* Kubernetes

* DataStore



* Golang, Ruby, NodeJS, Python, or a similar language

* Various levels of testing code applications

* Varnish

* Solid understanding of RESTful API design

* Internet Protocol basics

* Some understanding of HTTP and HTTP/2

* Fastly

* Terraform

* Docker

* NewRelic

* Apigee

Minimum Qualifications:

* Experience dealing with and configuring a CDN or strong interest in CDN development

* Experience working with Apigee or strong interest in API gateway management

* Experience developing REST APIs, SDKs and CLI toolsets

* Self-Starter that can operate in a remote-friendly environment

* Experience with Agile (Scrum) and test-driven development, continuous integration and version control (GIT)

* Experience deploying to Cloud compute or container hosting

* Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or 2+ years writing code, hosting infrastructure, or automating pipelines in a production environment