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Posted 6 months ago

The Engineering manager will lead our Core Squad, responsible of our Platform, APIs, and product features essential for Slite such as Search, Docs structure, Integrations, Team preferences and Payment.
💪 What's my mission?
The Core Squad is where all begins. By essence, this squad is responsible for core aspects at Slite. This squad introduced GraphQL at Slite, switched to TypeScript, developed critical features such as the doc navigation and impacted the whole user journey.
The Engineering manager will have 3 to 4 engineers to manage, coach and mentor. They will take care of supporting their career progression and encourage growth and open-feedback within the team. They will ensure our product cycles are well-balanced between quality assurance and features delivery.
Eventually as one of the early members of Slite, you'll be able to shape the future of it. We share as much ownership on the way we work and on the product itself as we can as we're convinced our success is 99% due to our team.
A few words on our Core Squad today
Pierre, CTO, is currently managing the three engineers in this squad. The Engineering team is composed by twelve engineers, from diverse backgrounds and expertise. We formed four squads as of 2020:
Squad Core: Responsible for our API, DevOps, Tooling, Search, Docs navigation, Payment
Squad Content: Handling on real-time-editor on the web, desktop, mobile
Squad Collaborate: Focus on Sharing, Comments, Notifications, Public pages
Squad Growth: Bring a great onboarding, invite and educational experience
Each Squad at Slite is responsible to plan together, find product solutions and ship improvements in an independent manner. So technical choices, team structure, weekly meetings, product decisions are organised inside them. We work following the shape-up model, organizing our development cycles in 6 weeks and having 2 weeks of cool-down time in between.
The Core squad needs a full-time Engineering manager to ensure its independence of choice and focus on its subjects.
🤗 Who will I be working with?
Pierre, CTO of Slite
Mike, VP Product
Arnaud, First engineer at Slite
Alexandre, Senior Back-end engineer who joined in 2017
Guillaume, Mobile engineer
📖 What do I need?
People manager - we care deeply on how the work happens at Slite. You need to have a previous successful experience at managing a team, coaching and mentoring engineers.
Be pragmatic - You can take tactic decisions when needed, dealing with debt and pay back later. You are able to keep a long term vision via a long-term strategy.
Data intensive experience - you worked on a product with an intensive usage of data, and you understand the complexity and systems required to make such products work.
Excellent engineer - you understand and advocate for testing, analytics, observability, error tolerance.
Product mindset - you can challenge product features, propose simpler implementation to fasten the iterations, and propose excellent technical decisions to improve user experience.
Excellent communications skills - you write clearly about technical or product related subjects. You are able to challenge subjects in a guided direction. You practice active listening.
A few words on Slite
On what we do, check out and if you're not a Slite user yet, give it a spin 🌀
More importantly, why we’re building Slite: we help teams work in more thoughtful manners, based on written culture, information transparency, asynchronous collaboration. And because of that we unlock remote for them.
We work by these principles and evangelize on them.
Why join Slite?
Work with talented & passionate people with diverse experiences and backgrounds
Make a dent: we strive to shift the way people collaborate and organize at a large scale, potentially impacting millions of people
Feel your impact: Slite is still early stage, everything we do matters and your impact is critical
🤩 Competitive salary and equity
🏝 5 Weeks PTO + 10 French Holidays 🇫🇷
📚 Buy any book policy
🖥️ Remote setup: co-working or at-home setup, your pick. Slite covers your expenses.
🌈 We go on team offslites every 4 months
💻 Macbook: a new laptop for a new job
Diversity of talents, opinions and backgrounds does matter to us. We are actively working at diversifying our team, that’s one of the reason we chose to be remote and create a writing tool that is used in diverse locations and by a lot of different users. If you don’t match the people on the team picture, please do not hesitate to apply or contact us!