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Posted about 1 year ago

Hello, there.

We’re Help Scout. A company you’ve maybe heard of before, or maybe not, but either way you’ve landed on this page because you were at least a little curious, and we like that about you. We spend our time making it easier for SMBs to talk with their customers. Today Help Scout is used by more than 9,000 businesses in 140 countries. 

We’re looking for someone who’s really smart, and humble, and thorough, and meticulous, and self-motivated, and kind, and a little funny, and tenacious, and did I say self-motivated? Well, that’s because we’re a remote company! Being remote is fantastic, it’s empowering, and it’s perfect for people who like to be their own boss and push themselves to be at their very best every day.  

That’s where you come in. As a Product Designer at Help Scout, you’ll spend your days creating tools that our customers use to deliver a great experience. Smiles on faces — if that’s your jam, we’d love to meet you.

About the role:

You’ll be the seventh member of the Help Scout design team. We work remotely from places like New York, Sydney, Ireland and Nashville. You can work from wherever you please as long as you have 4+ hours of overlap with EDT (US East Coast).

We’ll ask you to own the entire design process. For a new project, you’ll be given a brief and will partner with Product to do User/Customer research. You’ll be building the wireframes, prototyping, visual+UI design, interaction design, and will partner with engineers to get the implementation juuuuuust right.

You’ll be embedded on a couple cross-functional teams with one product lead, one QA, and 2-5 engineers depending on the project. You’ll work hand-in-hand with your teammates to ship your best work to our customers.

Although each designer is embedded on different teams, it’s important that everyone makes each other better. Over Slack, video chats, and design docs, you’ll provide guidance and critical feedback on other work outside of your purview. You’ll also get that sort of support from your teammates on your projects.

You will have the freedom to pioneer your own discovery phase and find ways to improve our product. You’ll find that we’re passionate about putting in the work to constantly improve on the things we’ve made. 

Since our team is small, we don’t operate under titles like “junior”, “senior”, or “principle." Instead, we make sure that everyone who makes it onto the team has developed their craft to a level where they can be trusted with autonomy, and to manage their own design process. (We have other ways of tracking milestones and success that we’ve found to be more productive and true to our culture.)

About you:

Your passion is to work on large-scale software a lot of people use, but to be given ownership of the project from concept to completion. The design challenges are complex, and the work has a bunch of constraints. Despite the difficulty, this is the work you love most.

We all love a good pattern library and pixel-perfect design, but you prefer to get involved in a project way before then. For you, it starts with sketches, wireframes and a keen understanding of the problem from all angles.

You have experience managing projects and possibly people, but you ultimately thrive when you can contribute as an individual and you’re looking to do more of that again.

You’re very thorough and detail-oriented. You don’t get tired of solving a problem and iterating on the solution, even after a few months of working towards the best experience.

You’re humble, yet opinionated about what makes a great product experience. You leverage your skills and expertise to help others and make the people around you better at their craft.

You have more than a few years of design experience, and you’ve grown so much that you cringe when you look back at your early work.

You can simplify complex problems and clearly articulate your thought process to others in writing. This is especially important in a remote culture like ours.

You collaborate well and communicate early and often. You explain your work by extrapolating on everything from your inklings and curiosities, to the rationale behind final your decisions. 

You actively seek critical feedback. As a matter of fact, you can’t get enough of it, because you know that your work only gets better when your team puts their eyes on it.

You have strong taste, and your eye for visual design is as strong as your ability to dream up exceptional customer experiences.

You prefer to collaborate directly with developers and product stakeholders, carefully considering the tension between business and customer needs.

When it comes to understanding a problem, you have no hesitation in setting up customer interviews, doing usability testing, or conducting a survey. 

This isn’t an absolute requirement, but strong HTML and CSS skills will likely make you a more successful product designer at Help Scout. If you can write JavaScript, it’s all the better, but we won’t ask you to write production code. 

Who you'll work with

Linda Eliasen, Design Team Lead - You’ll be reporting to Linda. She’s been a designer like you, for companies like Mailchimp, Dropbox and Squarespace.

Design team - Sean, Jared (co-founder), Buzz, Bronwyn, Karolina, and Matt can't wait to meet you!

Ben Henderson, Director of Product - You’ll work with Ben and any other Product leads to craft specs and see projects through to completion. He ran Product at Campaign Monitor, and before that ran a client agency for eight years.

Nick Francis, CEO - Nick is still very hands-on with the product and design process. On some projects you’ll work directly with him to create something.


Competitive Salary - We pay at or above market salary in most cases and evaluate a lot of research to make sure everyone is paid well. The formula we use to calculate all salaries is public to employees and is improved upon regularly.

Health and dental insurance - We cover you and your family's health/dental insurance 100%. If you are based in the US, we'll cover you on our Aetna policy. If you're based outside the US, we'll reimburse your out-of-pocket health and dental insurance costs.

Long-term/Short-term Disability Insurance & Life Insurance - we cover 100% of the premiums for LT/ST Disability insurance and base Life Insurance. You also have the option to purchase supplementary life insurance through our provider (currently US only).

Flexible vacation - Take time off when you need it, we trust you.

Sabbatical - After you've been at Help Scout for 5 years, you get a month of paid vacation plus $2500 to spend towards travel, learning, projects or however you'd like to spend that time.

Paid parental leave, including adoption - 12 weeks of paid leave for all new parents.

401k with 1% match- via Betterment for Business (currently US only)

Personal Development stipend - Up to $1,800 per year to improve your craft

Great tools - Each employee will be provided with a Mac laptop and 27'' display (or equivalent equipment of choice). We’ll also purchase any additional software or hardware you need.

Home office stipend - Every new hires gets $1000 USD to furnish their home office, and up to $350 USD per month if you'd like to rent a co-working desk somewhere.

Complete transparency - Everyone has full access to business metrics and financial information about the company.

About Us

Help Scout is made by roughly 80 people in 40+ cities around the world, all with a passion for excellence in their craft. We come from diverse backgrounds and are united by an enthusiasm for great products and delightful customer experiences.

Since launching in April of 2011, Help Scout now powers 9,000+ support teams in over 140 countries. Our software is used and trusted by businesses of every shape and size.

Designed to go the distance

Our mission is to foster the world’s customer-centric businesses by providing tools that serve customers in the most human, helpful way. While growth is important, team and values are paramount. We’re always striving to do impactful work we’re proud of in lieu of chasing overnight success.

We’re builders without borders

Our entire team is free to work remotely from wherever they choose. We overcome remote challenges through transparency, trust, and video conferencing. The reward is worth the effort—we’ll take talent, skill, and diverse perspectives over local geography any day.

Above all, we want Help Scout to be a place where passionate people can do their very best work. You won’t find any ping-pong tables or kegerators here. Instead, you’ll be surrounded by driven, supportive teammates who will push you to be better. We take work/life harmony seriously, too, as we want every career at Help Scout to be a long and satisfying one.

Diversity & Inclusion

We are an equal opportunity employer and are committed to building a company that embraces and celebrates diversity and inclusion. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status. We have read the studies and understand that diverse teams build better products, bring more perspective to the table, contribute to a company’s financial success and help foster a more inclusive environment for all employees, but the bottom line is that it's the right thing to do.