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Posted over 1 year ago

ConjuraOur business is to help our clients better understand theirs.To do this, we take data from advertising and e-commerce platforms, sales and CRM systems — anywhere data lives. We clean it, using rules-based and machine learning approaches — join it, and build models to answer questions: Which customers are we most likely to lose this month? How do new customers find us? Is advertising on Instagram good value for money?Our company is young, but already profitable. Our customers range from local small businesses to large, well-known high-street brands.Our team is small, with experience from Accenture, Amazon, Google, Intercom, McKinsey, NASA and Palantir.We don’t work late nights or weekends.Product EngineeringOur product team is small, we're still defining how our product should work. We try to validate ideas as quickly and cheaply as possible.Security, privacy and correctness are our top priorities — no deadline comes before these.We value aptitude over experience. Previous experience with distributed systems and large datasets will be useful, but curiosity about the business world is just as important.Product development and leadership are geographically spread. Head office is in Dublin and the product is built across Dublin, London and Stockholm.As an early member of the engineering team you will:Write high quality software with no corners cut. Security, privacy and correctness come first.Shape our engineering and company culture. Things haven’t “always been done that way” yet. We’d like to learn from your experience and opinions.Teach and learn from other members of team. Our backgrounds are diverse, with a wide range of experience and career paths. Though we have many different skills, from technology to business, we work best as a single team.Be a generalist. Contribute to our technical architecture, infrastructure, UI design and product development.TechnologyKnowledge of our preferred languages and tools is not a requirement for this role. Smart, curious people pick the best (or least-worst) tool for the job.Our application is built in Python 3 using Django. We make use of static type checking, linting and unit testing to be confident about our correctness. Our front-end is built with React and we use PostgreSQL for storage. Engineers work across the full stack, there are no distinctions between frontend and backend.Our software is fully continuously deployed in an auto-scaling configuration to AWS. We're a small team so infrastructure automation is very important to us, along with excellent operational visibility.RequirementsWe’re looking for experienced engineers to build up our core team. We’re not looking for people closer to the start of their careers at the moment, as we need to grow our capacity to mentor first.We’d like you to have driven a significant change from start to finish — something that took more than one engineer to complete. Even better if you had to convince people around you this change was a good idea.CompensationWe pay highly competitive salaries, comparable with much larger tech companies. Compensation packages include equity in the company. We can offer relocation to Dublin or London as part of your package (if you'd prefer not to be remote).With our size and fast growth, there're many opportunities for career progression.