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Posted 9 months ago

We are looking for a product manager to join the Saagie’s product team.

Close to the development teams, you’ll be in charge of the core product of Saagie, the “Orchestrator for DataOps”.

Your main missions will be :

  • prepare & write epics backlog for the development teams,
  • follow up, discussion & story validation on new features,
  • organize internal communication on roadmap and releases,
  • organize user groups & manage users feedbacks.
Your secondary missions will be :
  • market intelligence,
  • close work with product marketing to define new line of product, train internal team & help to build the communication strategy.
  • contribute and share roadmap vision with the CTO,
  • close work with product marketing for external communication on roadmap and releases,

The whole team is in agile way. We are using a flow/kanban approach. We are releasing in production several stories by week. The whole team commit to improve continuously their process.

People management is important for us, we use practices for manager tools as regular 1 to 1, feedback & coaching. We are now introducing Management 3.0 practice. If you are interested by people management, it can happen.

The whole product team is remote first in term of management and organization. By product team we mean : product management, UX Designer, developers and testers.

As a product manager you’ll visit customers for user groups and gather feedbacks.

The main key qualities are :

  • You have a 4/5 years minimum in term of data & analytics projects (can be BI, DataScience, Data Mining, Data Streaming, Data engineering…). This is the main point. You need to feel the pain of analytic team and willing to provide them solution.
  • You are interested or already have an experience as a Product Manager or Product Owner.
  • You have good communication skill.

And :

  • You are excited by the world data & AI.
  • You are interested or already have an experience in agile way of working.
  • Knowing SQL is a plus.
  • You speak French & English.