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Posted over 1 year ago

**Product Support Manager are the cream of the crop. They are the most highly skilled, elite support Managers at Crossover. They embody the world-class culture that is the cornerstone of Crossover’s customer support team. These Managers have a passion for solving complex technical issues.**
For those seeking to join this elite tier of product managers you must be able to define and deliver exceptional customer service in real-world scenarios, demonstrate the ability to deep dive into complex technical issues, and effectively communicate resolutions to your team.

From solving the most complex technical issues to contributing to the knowledge base, Product Support Manager are instrumental to customer support’s success. They are experts coupling their technical acumen with their superb communication and coaching skills to deliver world-class service. With their advanced technical skills and knowledge, they provide innovative solutions to complex issues. These leaders enjoy identifying and removing complexity. Their main goal is to improve the quality of the overall experience for our customers.

# Responsibilities

# Requirements
* Bachelor degree in Computer Science
* Pristine spoken and written English
* 5+ years providing technical support and software engineering
* Advanced technical acumen in modern software languages
* Be able to break down complex information for those not well versed in technical terms and processes
* Expert in the following:
- Java / JavaScript / CSS / HTML
- C#
- Net
* Previous experience managing a L1/L2 support team
* Extensive experience writing playbooks for L1/L2 support teams