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Posted about 2 years ago

Cro Metrics Program Manager

Cro Metrics, a fully-distributed data-driven web experimentation company is seeking to hire a Program Manager to help run our client onboarding program. This program is designed to onboard clients new to experimentation and successfully kickstart their programs.

The program manager is a natural leader. S/he keeps external and internal stakeholders aligned through our engagements, plans/roadmaps timelines and deliverables, and perhaps most importantly - listens actively and adapts quickly in an environment where things don't always go according to plan.

*Our positions are fully remote and to ensure compliance with all applicable labor laws, are open to U.S.-based applicants only. In general, we are not hiring in Washington state, Oregon state, San Francisco, New York, or New Jersey as it is difficult for distributed companies like ours to hire in those locations.*

The ideal candidate will have professional services (agency) experience, is highly detail oriented, and has a strong fundamental understanding of A/B testing and data-driven decision making.

Direct responsibilities include:
  1. Managing the client relationship - getting to know our clients' hopes and dreams, setting objectives, pushing back diplomatically, and enabling their success at all times.
  2. Planning and roadmapping the deliverables and milestones required to meet contractual obligations and program objectives
  3. Preparing and documenting training resources, decks and deliverables
  4. Rallying and delegating the resources (both internal and client-side) required for delivering on the objectives of each stage of the program
  5. Communicating the roadmap and progress through it to all appropriate stakeholders
  6. Run power check-ins and meetings with clear agendas and next steps.
  7. Working with the team on experimenting and iterating with the program to deliver a better experience for clients and exceed OKRs (objectives and key results)

Successful candidates in this role demonstrate:
  1. An eye for detail and organization. Minor grammatical errors will jump out at you like a sore thumb. Undocumented resources frustrate you. Inbox zero is life. Note that this is not an ability but a strong personal drive to stay organized at all times.
  2. Comfort communicating and listening diplomatically. Successful program managers listen thoughtfully and address the root problem. They know how to hold not only engineers but also VPs accountable (without hurting feelings).
  3. Ability to juggle multiple projects at once. Individual tasks in most engagements are generally not insurmountable, however there are many distinct tasks moving at once - keeping them organized and done is paramount.
  4. Experience and comfort working with teams and people of all shapes and sizes. Every client team will come with their own culture, quirks, and individual likes and desires. Successful program managers are able to assimilate into teams as if they are one of their own as opposed to an outside consultant.

What crushing it in this role looks like:
  • Managing the hopes, dreams, and expectations of 10 short-term (3-6 months) clients at a time without breaking a sweat (with the support of a small team).
  • A client so excited about the amazing experience they had over the 3 month program that they decide to continue with us for a longer engagement.
  • Clients actually do their homework (e.g. Build a test, write a hypothesis) because they want to show you what they can do and don't want to let you down.
  • Every meeting is productive, clients always know their progress, and no client ever needs to ask “Hey did you do the thing you said you were going to do?”
  • You feel a huge sense of accomplishment helping each team do more with an experimentation mindset than they could've ever imagined. No more meetings where the highest paid person's opinion (HiPPO) wins!

If you have questions as you go through this, make notes and if we haven’t answered them by the end, feel free to email 


  • Matching 401k on the first 4% of income subject to a 3 month waiting period.
  • 100% remote, continue to work from where you are based. (However, this doesn’t mean ultimate freedom, this is a full time job where you get to work from where you live.)
  • Liberal vacation policy.
  • All the professional gear you need to be successful (e.g. macbook, monitor, and noise-cancelling blackwire headset)

Our Culture
Please read our about our culture on our culture page and our main jobs page.

A unique hiring process – we pay you to interview

We’ve found that the best candidates shine most when they are able to participate directly with the team and show their skills in action. This does require some work from you, so we’ll pay you to join the team during a “paid interview”.

Assuming your submission exceeds expectations, we will reach out to schedule a few informal conversations with our team to learn more about you, and provide an opportunity for you to ask questions of us. If all goes well for both you and Cro Metrics, we will hire you for a paid interview where you start working with us for approximately one week (12-15 hours max) as a 1099 contractor. This can be done on the side of your current full-time job so there is less risk to you.

If both parties like working together, we expand the relationship into a full time W2 role. If not, we go our separate ways and both sides “won” in the deal.