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Posted 5 months ago

 Job Summary

In our Charts team at BMAT, we build applications to provide real-time data mainly to record labels, music publishers and recorded music associations. We offer customisable streaming, radio and TV analytics which allow these companies to better evaluate their performances and make well-informed decisions.

Your responsibilities will be to operate, maintain and extend such applications and services so they keep up with the demands of our customers.

Our systems process millions of music usage events every day, so our solutions are quite data heavy. We use many different technologies and platforms including but not limited to SQL, NoSQL and Column Oriented Databases, Apache Airflow, Docker, ElasticSearch and IAAS providers.


What You Will Be Doing

We are looking for a resourceful, driven and action-oriented developer who is able to work with complex stacks which involve multiple technologies, and is capable of learning about new ones autonomously.

We need someone who is able to weigh up the compromises made when finding the most suitable solution to a problem in any given time. Someone who thinks ahead and considers the bigger picture.

You’ll be responsible for making design decisions and presenting them to the rest of the team—so you must be capable of carrying out independent research to gain a solid understanding of the key elements involved in your solutions.


All About You
  • Solid Python knowledge
  • Strong experience with SQL databases
  • Linux and GIT experience
  • Experience with IAAS providers, preferably with AWS.
  • Experience with software design life cycle and best practices (code reviews, testing)
  • Clear communication, resolutive and creative
  • A very strong interest in music and the music industry

Bonus Track
  • Previous knowledge of the music industry
  • Experience with open source web application frameworks (Flask, Django)
  • Experience designing and developing RESTful APIs
  • Experience with ElasticSearch and/or Lucene
  • Experience with Docker or an equivalent technology
  • Experience with Column Oriented Databases
  • Some Javascript knowledge, ideally with the Vue.js framework
  • Knowledge of UNIX networking and distributed systems

 You Can Enjoy

  • Full-time remote job.
  • Flexibility on working hours.
  • Wide range of online and onsite courses.
  • Possibility to choose your hardware and tools
  • Becoming part of a multicultural and diverse team based in Barcelona obsessed with bettering the music industry.

Diverse perspectives drive innovation, and innovation is kind of our thing. Our open-minded and flexible culture organically fosters this diversity. We've learnt that we thrive on learning from each other, so we don't just welcome but actively hire a range of open-minded people from all walks of life. Our team is made up of people with different backgrounds, perspectives, orientations, abilities, musical tastes, dress sense and time-zones - but we all have one common goal: Making the music world a better place. With equal opportunities for everyone, BMAT is a pretty nice place to work.