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Posted 8 months ago

About the role

This position will help lead the growth of our analytics and monitoring platform.

What you will do:

  • Design future-proof software architectures aligned with cloud platforms.

  • Design and implement back-end systems and APIs using state-of-the-art technologies and practices.

  • Develop back-end components of user-facing web applications.

  • Communicate with teammates on a daily basis.

  • Learn new skills and technologies as you go.

  • Be responsible for your code. Ensure your code is testable and tested.

Who you are:

  • Experience in writing web applications using Python, databases and message queues like Kafka, AMQP, SQS.

  • Experience with popular third-party libraries and frameworks (e.g. Django, SQLAlchemy, Flask).

  • Skilled in automation work (CI/CD) and infrastructure management (Google Cloud, Kubernetes).

  • Familiarity with current standards and technologies (RESTful, Python 3.6+, PEP8).

  • Experience working with a distributed team.


  • have worked with Google Analytics / other Google APIs

  • have worked in data science

  • familiar with machine learning


  • Unlimited vacation policy

  • flexible work schedule

  • Company provided computer and equipment

  • Working with a group of talented, passionate, and motivated team members across all disciplines