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Posted 3 months ago

Job Description

Clain is an international start-up. We build sophisticated analysis software that provides regulatory compliance for crypto related businesses and empower forensic investigators with ingenious tools to detect and explore crypto-enabled crimes.

  • You will perform functional/regression testing of a complex C++ application
  • You will develop a Python testing environment along with tests themselves
  • You will develop CI auto-tests
  • You will ensure overall control and comprehensive testing coverage of the products.
  • You will create and maintain test documentation



  • Have 3+ years of experience in testing commercial enterprise applications
  • Have hands-on experience in creating and maintaining of test documentation: bug reports, checklists, test cases
  • Have good knowledge of Python to write scripts/tools for various testing scenarios
  • Have experience working with bug tracking systems, CI/CD, Docker
  • You know how to send HTTP requests, parse JSON, and use SSH
  • You are comfortable working with Unix shell
  • Have knowledge working with Databases and have at least medium level proficiency in SQL querying