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Posted about 1 year ago

QA Software Architect

$ 60k/Year

Good fit for: Senior Quality Assurance Engineer, Senior Test Automation Engineer

Would you be interested in utilizing your test automation expertise to develop and implements automated tests for a large portfolio of products? Want to learn how to improve your defect management skills? Would you like to work with the best test automation engineers around the world and use different automation tools, like Protractor, Appium, RestAssured? Are you open to challenge yourself and work with the best QA software architects around the world to write test automation scripts and use multiple platforms, like JIRA and TestRail? If so - this role is for you…

Our assembly line teams require highly skilled QA Automation Architects who are experienced in developing automated tests and are willing to be part of a high performing team where you can expect to learn from your mentors. We have high expectations of our engineers within the organization and only the best and most disciplined in their work are expected to succeed. Engineers have aggressive daily and weekly targets set for them and are required to work a standard working week with us. Your output of work is measured daily, both from a quantitative as well as a qualitative aspect. You will receive daily and weekly feedback on your performance.

“My team was able to accomplish a really fast product improvement. It's amazing to work with such talent!”
-Brijesh P, QA Automation
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