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Posted 11 months ago

SerpicoDEV is Arizona's #1 development shop for startups, founders, and entrepreneurs. We enthusiastically support remote developers from around the world, but prefer those in Latin America that can work our time-zone (8am – 6pm PST).\n\nWe have a LOT of open positions for the right candidate.\n\n\nWe are a great place to work and can provide you a lot of interesting work for a long time. \n \n\n# Responsibilities\n We what seek in a candidate:\n\n• Strong work ethic – when you say you will deliver something, you will deliver.\n\n• Loves coding – We want people that love what they do. \n\n• When replying, put “Pineapple” in the subject line so we know you read this whole posting \n\n• Must be able to work from 8am – 6pm PST\n\n• Must have a web cam to show your face when we do calls\n\n• Must speak fluent English and/or fluent Spanish \n\n# Requirements\n• Rails – We need a SENIOR level Ruby on Rails with rake and spring developer, who also has experience with creating synchronous tasks .\n\n• Unity/iOS – We need someone for a project that uses Unity and Vuforia to create 3D models for the construction industry. The models are published to an iOS Swift iPad app.\n\n• React Native – We need 1-2 React Native developers\n\n• React / Node.js – We need 2-3 React / Node.js developers \n\n#Location\n- Worldwide, but Latin America Highly Preferred