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Posted almost 2 years ago

We’re hiring a Rails Engineer. Memberful is reliable membership software for independent publishers, educators, and creators. We just joined Patreon, and we’re excited to start expanding our team. What we’re looking for It’s fun and rewarding to work with people who are enthusiastic and get stuff done. At Memberful, we’re a self managed team. We don’t require heavy direction or daily check-ins. This means you’ll come up with your own goals and execute them. You’ll discover, plan, and see things through from start to finish. This job is for you if: You’re enthusiastic about life and work on a daily basis. You embrace responsibility and new challenges. You care deeply about form and function. You look for opportunities to improve process. You thrive on organization and planning. You do what it takes to get things done on time. You have experience working remotely and enjoy it. You recognize it’s about building a great product, and therefore embrace discussion and criticism of ideas. You don’t like working with complainers or blamers. You don’t claim to be an expert at everything, but you show a strong desire to learn new things and continually get better. You don’t just report the problem, you present a plan for fixing it. You should be hungry and excited to take on real responsibility and work hard on useful software with real paying customers. What you’ll work on Our Ruby on Rails application runs on Heroku, and is already reliably powering service for over 500 customers. Because we’re a small team, your work will be both demanding and multidisciplinary: Fixing routine bugs that come up from time to time. Planning and shipping new features. Ensuring the service is fast and reliable. Responding to any overly technical customer support questions. Routinely on call and available 24/7 for emergencies. Some of the tools we use: Github, Heroku, Stripe, Librato, Circle CI, Postmark, Papertrail, Slack, Intercom, Basecamp. Skills, Salary, & Benefits You should have demonstrated Ruby programming ability and experience with production Rails applications. We’re looking for someone with a strong track record of shipping solid work on a real product. Experience with applications hosted on Heroku is a bonus. Competitive salary based on experience. Work remotely from anywhere in the world.. Flexible vacation. Take it when you need it. Health insurance if you’re in the United States. We strongly favor candidates who put extra effort into their cover letter and application. Let us know why you want this job, not just any job.