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Posted 9 months ago

\nThe Songspace Development Team is seeking an experienced, passionate, Ember.JS developer/engineer to build and manage frontend workflows that power Songspace for desktop. This position offers the ideal candidate the opportunity to design, build, and manage mission critical data applications and services in an exciting business domain with substantial self-direction and autonomy.\n\n\n\nJob Responsibilities\n\n\n* Define, design and develop business solutions throughout the software development lifecycle. \n\n* Responsible for designing, coding, unit testing, building, deploying and supporting application software. \n\n* Work with analysts and architects to define technical direction to understand business requirements that enable the analysis and design of technical solutions. \n\n* Responsible for application components and data architecture designs, performance monitoring, benchmarking, product evaluation and recommendation. \n\n* Serve as a project leader and technical lead to ensure application design, development schedule, and implementation meet business scope and timelines\n\n* \n\nWork with the stakeholders to plan and directly implement new features with the existing code and services\n\n\n* \n\nTriage bug requests and collaborate with the Client Services Team to maintain the bug backlog\n\n\n* \n\nInvestigate, troubleshoot, and where possible solve technical data issues, escalating unsolved issues to the appropriate team\n\n\n* \n\nProvide feedback on design documents for best case implementations\n\n\n* \n\nImprove code coverage of older code\n\n\n* \n\nCreate and maintain documentation,procedures and best practices suggestions\n\n\n* \n\nProvide email & phone technical support where required to team members and clients\n\n\n* \n\nBuild and maintain relationships with team members and stakeholders\n\n\n* \n\nDemonstrate enthusiasm for learning new technologies, tools and processes to solve challenges and realize opportunities\n\n\n\n\n\nJob Qualifications\n\n\n* \nA minimum of 5 years of relevant development experience is required\n\n\n* \nProficiency in writing efficient and reliable code in Javascript is required\n\n\n* \nExperience with React is required\n\n\n* Experience with Redux is required\n\n* \nExperience creating, implementing, and using REST APIs is required\n\n\n* \nExperience with Agile software development methodologies is required\n\n\n* \nExperience with GIT is required\n\n\n* \nMust be experienced and comfortable working independently and with small, distributed teams\n\n\n* \nMust be proactive in problem solving\n\n\n* \nMust seek and be open to new ideas and solutions\n\n\n* \nMust be curious, committed, and invest time to develop and expand knowledge for self and others\n\n\n* \nMust be proactively communicative and possess strong written communication skills\n\n\n* \nExperience with react native is a plus\n\n\n* \nExperience with *nix CLI and shell scripting is preferred\n\n\n* \nExperience with music data and audio files is a plus\n\n\n\n