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Posted 3 months ago

About the Freelance Recruiter Position position

If you're asking, “What are the benefits of being a freelance recruiter and where is the place to be a good and comfortable recruiter freelancer?"  You've come to the right place. 

The future of work is remote, project-based (or gig-based), and more independent. Including recruitment! Offers a career of autonomy, the ability to set your own wages, and make your own schedule. If you're an independent recruiter looking for a team of support while keeping your autonomy, or if you're a recruiter who's tired of running around the hamster wheel of in-house recruiting, this job is for you. 

In a nutshell, you're self-employed, contracted professionals who work on a project-to-project basis. You are paid by your hire, you decide when you work, you have say in the projects you work on, and you are being the boss of your own time and choices. Your highest mission is to match the right candidate with the right company to ensure long-term happiness.


Freelance Recruiter responsibilities are:
  • Finding those rare talents - hidden gems who are difficult to discover for the untrained eye, you are free to use the platform and any means for hunting candidates. We will deliver a company goals, mission, vision, and values to you and provided company profile link that you can use for attract candidates.
  • You are also allowed to do a short interview if you really need to make sure your candidate is suitable for this position. However, later on, all screening and interviews until the final stage will be carried out by in-house recruitment, including the final decision will also absolutely come from in-house recruitment.
  • Work closely with the Senior Talent Acquisition to identify hiring needs of, including brief for the job description and the requirements
  • Work with in-house recruitment follow up candidates
  • All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines
Freelance Recruiter requirements are:
  • 1+ years of full-lifecycle recruiting or sourcing experience is required
  • Ability to work remotely independently
  • Experience in headhunter, outsourcing services or recruitment agency is a plus
  • Ability to understand technical Job Description & evaluate important keywords to perform the search.
  • Prior work experience in IT recruitment would be preferred
  • Solid experience with applicant tracking systems
Sound good? Take a look what amazing things you will get!


Good Income Potential

If you're simply looking for a way to make some extra money, that's an option. Of course, results will vary, but we're not talking about a side hustle with a very limited upside. You could earn pretty decent money. for a single candidate.


Flexible Schedule 

If you do your best sourcing at four in the morning and enjoy going to your underwater basket weaving class at two in the afternoon, you have the freedom to do so. When you're ready to get on another assignment, all you have to do is let the our internal recruiter know so you can be put back in the talent community pool!


You Get to Help Others

Aside from the benefit of making money for yourself, as a freelance recruiter you can get satisfaction knowing that you are helping other people to increase their income or find a job that they love. That's pretty powerful.


Expand your Network and Skills

Building your network and current skill sets, coupled with Proactive Talent actively working on improving our brands, makes you more valuable and marketable for you going forward as an independent recruiter.


Tribe of Support

Afraid of losing the social aspect of working as an in-house recruiter? Don't be. As a Freelance Recruiter, you'll be joining a network of other recruiters that form the Proactive Talent tribe. You'll have contact with other Freelance Recruiters to bounce your ideas off of.

Already decided that this may be a good side hustle for you with more flexibility and freedom in your choices? Just sitting at home and yep, it's your dream job!

Simply just go to "apply" and let us know an amazing part of yourself!