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Posted about 1 year ago

RECRUITMENT MARKETING STRATEGIST Location: , US Job Type: Full Time Recruitment Marketing Strategist Your mission, should you choose to accept is to help every customer become successful with their CRM. Your job: As a Recruitment Marketing Strategist, you are both facilitating learning and executing recruitment marketing tactics for some of the largest global brands in the Fortune 500. In short, you “do and teach” at the same time. You and the rest of the Recruitment Marketing Services team enable our customers success through partnering with them to create impactful strategies—to engage the full CRM, critical talent segments and assist recruiters in creating meaningful interactions. You are the go-to person for benchmarks and best practices and geek out over performance and conversations metrics. Your passion for problem solving, resourcefulness, and experience in the recruiting space means you’re a purple squirrel and will fit in well here. When things get a little crazy or don’t go as planned, you can deliver tough news about campaign performance or project delays and at the end of the conversation, your clients still adore you. You’re honest, transparent and gracious in your communication. Not to mention, you are extremely organized, in the way that your co-workers know you’ll re-arrange the shared folders just because it will drive you crazy if you don’t. You maintain a positive attitude under pressure and can prioritize your workload. At your core, you are a strategic, people-person who wants to grow, learn and share your knowledge. What you need to know about us: we are wildly curious. We deconstruct situations to understand what isn’t working optimally and then build forward-thinking solutions and pull in the right internal resources to drive the outcomes we’re looking for. We learn, we test, we try, and we aren’t afraid to course-correct when needed. It often feels like we’re trying to change a tire, fix a brake light and steer while driving 100 mph, and we honestly kind of like it. Ready for a new ride? Keep reading. Is this you? You’ve been on a recruiting team either as a recruiter or recruitment marketer—you understand talent conversion metrics and have either dabbled in or owned recruitment marketing initiatives Strategic and skillful communicator both in writing and speaking; you are a strong relationship builder and quickly evoke trust with those whom you interact You are a problem solver, self-starter and forward-thinker—you’re sort of a unicorn and have the perfect trifecta of thick skin, patience, enthusiasm and a sense of humor You’re tech-savvy, quick to learn and eager to grow your skillset, especially when it comes to emerging technologies and marketing innovations “I can’t do that” isn’t a part of your vocabulary—you’re known for your intellectual curiosity and want to know not just “how”, but “why” You thrive when you can be a trusted partner, advisor, consultant, sharer of knowledge, and friend in the workplace Passion for bringing an employer brand to life including marketing of the EVP, culture, employee stories and jobs through a multi-channel distribution strategy (social media, mass email/SMS communications, enabling recruiters, automation and so much more) You look for a fast-paced environment where there’s a little pressure and can expertly prioritize what needs to be done today, tomorrow, this week and this month Experience in a customer-facing and project management position—you love talking to people and collaborating with internal and external stakeholders Bonus points! You’ve used SmashFly before—you know our quirks and still love our product (have been a system admin or super user) Experienced copy-writer with working knowledge of translating multiple brand voices and visual guidelines into marketing campaigns (emails, content, imagery, landing pages, etc.) You know what Snagit, Canva or ColorPick are and have leveraged one or all of them to build creative assets for your campaigns Textio and Hemingway Editor are essential tools when you’re writing a job description or updating emails—you understand the power of words and geek out when you can communicate even better You’ve created personas and journey maps for critical talent segments—first step, you know what these are and have used them A little more about us: At SmashFly, you are a part of a team that is building and architecting best-in-class marketing automation software for recruiting – changing the way the world finds work, literally. We help companies attract and proactively communicate with the people they want to hire. The work we do here matters. We believe in our team first. We get the right $h*t done – all day, every day. We’re always authentic and aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo. In case you’re wondering, we are backed by well-respected venture capital and continue to deliver significant year-on-year growth, which we’ve been doing since our founding. Oh, and we offer great benefits including an open vacation policy, stock options, weekly happy hours – you get the idea. Your turn. Tell us about yourself.