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Posted about 1 year ago

We are looking for a Release Manager to setup a brand new team called “Release team”.

Your main mission is to develop & document Saagie on-premises Installation.

It includes :

  • develop & maintain configurator & installer
  • develop & maintain version upgrader
  • write and maintain installation documentation (you know: developer & documentation, it’s complicated).
  • test compatibility & certify Saagie on Kubernetes distribution (on-premises or managed cloud)
  • package Saagie version & build release plan in collaboration with the Product Managers
  • on the first six months on-site or Remote installation

Your customers will be :

  • Customer Ops/IT team
  • Partner
  • Internal SRE
  • Internal Public Cloud team.

The development has already begun with two freelances and you will be there to set up a permanent team and then hire & onboard new people on the team.

The team will incubate within CTO Office for the first 6 months so you will report to the CTO on this time. Then you will report to the Head of Engineering.

Your team will be integrated to a twenty product team compound of:

  • developers (backend Kotlin developers and react front end developers)
  • UX team (so they can help you designing CLI or even documentation)
  • Test team (which have no mercy for defects … and for developer)

And collaborate with a seven SRE team compound of :

  • DevOps team (I mean Sys Admin who automate everything)
  • NetOps team

And then train in France & US :

  • PreSales/Solution Architect
  • Professional Services
  • Partners

Teams are working in a kanban  style with a real agile mindset (means not SAFE or hidden Waterfall cycle).

All the organization and the management is set up to work remotely first. The tolerated timezone is +2 hours/-2 hours regarding Paris timezone.

Preferred experience

  • Developer with motivation in operations or System Administrator with motivation in development
  • Motivation in the Data & Analytics area (it include Machine Learning & AI)
  • You love Jenkins
  • You are good and motivated with documentation
  • You know the JVM, you can switch to Kotlin
  • Want to be a team lead and develop management skill
  • English & French spoken & written