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Posted about 1 year ago


We’re Ratio. We make software and websites. Our main thing is building price comparison technology for the personal finance market. We also run a price comparison website called Choose Wisely. And, we’re incubating something new.

We believe in simplicity, intuitive design, learning new things, bacon, fonts, family, personalisation, leopard print, gaffer tape, ergonomics, new technology, cake, fluorescent colours, functional aesthetics, pink (a lot of pink), sunsets, minimalism, getting messy, beards, new shoes, working hard, messing about, ASOS deliveries, Sunday roasts, bright red lipstick, WD40, opening experiences, whiteboards, spinning, Post-it notes, real time dashboards, and acoustic covers of powerful pop songs.

We're growing and one of our engineers has left to go travelling. We thought it would be fun to look into hiring an engineer to work remotely. 

Engineering at Ratio
You’ll be part of a 12-person product team comprising engineers, designers and product people. You’ll work on conceiving and building technical solutions to real life problems experienced by the tens of thousands of consumers who use our products each day. Our engineering principles give a good feel for how we work together and what we value.

You’ll iterate on ideas that need validating and scale those that have been proven. You'll chip-in to repay technical debt now and again too. Your Mondays won’t suck. Your Fridays will feel well-earned.

You’ll work from somewhere in Europe. You'll have great written and spoken english skills. You'll come to Bournemouth for two weeks when you first start. You'll come back and see us periodically whilst you are part of the team.

Our stack
Backend: MSSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL, Node.js
Frontend: React, Redux, Laravel
Infrastructure: AWS, Docker, Linux
Languages: Go, PHP, Javascript

You’ll fit in really well if you...
• want to build things which are genuinely useful to end users, using contemporary technologies
• care about the quality of things you build and use automated testing to keep quality high
• are curious about new technologies and pragmatic about getting things done
• want to be part of a team who have a desire to learn and improve
• want to contribute to a strong engineering culture

• Competitive Salary
• Define your own working hours
• You'll get to come and visit the UK quite a bit
• Work from home in your pants, all day, every day
• We'll buy you nice birthday and Christmas presents