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Posted over 1 year ago

Millions of people consume content through our technology every day. We are a passionate team working hard to build the best platform in the world for telling great stories through the lens of big brands. We have tons of interesting technical challenges, including architecting and deploying infrastructure to handle our scale as well as designing and maintaining a slick and secure web application.About the roleWe are looking for an experienced Frontend Engineer to join us and be the foundation of our frontend team as we continue to grow and scale our application.You will build one of the industry's most innovative platforms used by top brands.You will be involved in all parts of the product life cycle: idea generation, design, prototyping, planning, execution, and shipping. Our work starts with brainstorming to discover, explore, and understand our customer’s greatest challenges. Then we code. A lot. Finally, we ship and continuously iterate.You will be able to work with a modern stack and bring in new tools and best practices in the frontend field.We are architecting a family of products that has already handled millions of requests per day.We believe that the most effective developers also understand the business.We are looking for someone confident with the following technologies and abilitiesJavaScript / ES6ReactReduxBuild tools: webpack, yarn/npm, gulpModern HTML/CSS w/ responsivenessJavaScript testing (Jest/Mocha/Enzyme)Scalable and reusable frontend code patterns (Component Architecture, Design Systems)Good communication and writing skills (Docs and Collaboration)We know that’s already enough but if you go the “extra mile” it will surely make you stand outRuby On Rails backendYou mastered REST API’s already so you have your eyes on GraphQLYou have an eye for design and user experienceVideo.js or any other HTML5 video playerCross-browser compatibility and website perfCommunicating with GIFs 😜BenefitsSharp, motivated co-workers.Very flexible work schedule.A flat structure that’s always open to hearing opinions and receiving feedback; we understand that we can constantly improve so we greatly value individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit that are willing to put great ideas forward.You will be part of a product that is seeing an exceptional growth. We are onto something.Up for a challenge?