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Posted over 1 year ago

Are you a Security Engineer who loves robotics? Do you have a pile of Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, ESP32s and other single board computers on your work bench or desk? We want you to join our team and help make robotics more secure.

Ubuntu is the operating system of choice for robotics. We at Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu) want to make it even better, and we're looking for talented developers to join the effort. We want someone with a passion for Linux, robotics and security.

If you are a security engineer with a passion for robotics or a robotics engineer with a passion for security you should consider applying for this opportunity.

Our team is earning a reputation as experts of the Robot Operating System (ROS), the industry-leading middleware for developing robotic systems. In this role as a Robotics Engineer you will be busy upstream helping move ROS forward in security and outreach.

We want to see more robots running ROS, so we're giving users a security commitment well beyond the lifetime of the Ubuntu Long Term Support (LTS) release that each ROS release shares cadence with. You will get to help make ROS safe, squashing bugs and security vulnerabilities in Ubuntu through this Extended Security Maintenance (ESM) period.

We want to make ROS more secure, you will work with Open Source software packages looking for and remediating vulnerabilities. Making intelligent and strategic security recommendations for the future of ROS. Travel will be involved to work with other users of ROS and speaking about security and robotics.

Key responsibilities
  • Work in upstream ROS1 and ROS2, with an emphasis on security-related features (e.g. SROS2)
  • Develop infrastructure to properly support ROS1 and ROS2 in Ubuntu
  • Analyze, remediate and work with upstream package maintainers to improve ROS packages
  • Participate in design level discussions with the robotics community to secure ROS
  • Design and develop robotics-related features in snapd and snapcraft, two key technologies behind snaps and Ubuntu Core
  • Discover and remediate security issues in ROS
  • Write blog posts, create videos, and present at conferences about work being done
Required skills
  • Information security mind set
  • Experience working with ROS1 or ROS2
  • Excellent C++ and Python skills
  • The ability to collaborate proactively within a distributed team
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, or equivalent