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Posted over 1 year ago

YOU-FAST FAST FAST FAST FAST FAST SUPER FAST TURBO CHARGED MULTI TASKER, YOU WORK ON TWO THINGS AT ONCE NOT BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO, BUT BECAUSE YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW TO WORK ANY OTHER WAYUber OrganizedYou live in the grey......Out of the Box thinking is your middle nameYou are cheap with my moneyYou are personally offended when my phone company overcharges me by accident and you make sure it’s correctedYou take great pleasure in getting me discounts You know travel sites like the back of your handYou have the memory of an ElephantYou can do expense reports in your sleepYou are the type of person that gets your work done WAY before schedule just because you canOn time - I run on time and you do too, and you are annoyed when people are late because they are treating their time as more important than yoursYou can deal with a boss who is always busy, bad at communicating, and does not give much direction (bad), but treats you with respect (good)You are not afraid to give me S-H-$-T for being bad at communicating and for not giving direction so that you can get your work doneYou like a mix mash of work anywhere from managing the T1's getting piggybacked in my office on the East Coast to bringing my dog in to get neuteredYou know a little about a lot You are pretty good with computersYou hate a messYou are known as "Cool Under Pressure" by your friendsYou are a fast worker who makes minimal mistakes You are an amazing scheduler with a sickening degree of attention to detail You have at least 1-2 years of EA/Office Management ExperienceYou are an awesome juggler of tasks You are an animal at project management You like to work your ass offYou don’t care that I have a slight potty mouthThis is a part time/contract position with the potential to transition to a full time position with benefits if things work out well for both of us.You’ll find the link to the application located at the bottom of our Operations Assistant’s bio. You’ll have to answer 4 questions (other than the normal stuff) and upload your 1 page resume in PDF format in order to successfully apply.


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