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Posted about 1 year ago

Senior Programmer, (RoR & React)

Job Description


We are a growing software company with a team of 10 developers in Melbourne, Australia. We are looking to expand into North America and are looking for a remote developer in the (North American) area. The objective for the role is to join the development team whilst also providing a technical presence to our existing clients within North America (namely: Toronto, Canada). Given the nature of the role and the fact, it is 100% remote we are looking for a  proactive individual that is both self-directed and independent.
You'll be reporting directly to the CTO and will be assigned to one of the existing development teams to work with them as they enhance the existing products while also delivering features to clients.
There is a requirement to travel to Toronto periodically when we require a technical presence with our clients. We think this will be no more than monthly for a day or two. There will also be the opportunity to travel to Australia for training and on-boarding if possible.


For this role, we need someone who's comfortable in both large Rails applications and React/Redux. Skills you'll need to have:
  • Ruby & RoR
  • Node.js and React
  • PostgreSQL
  • Git
Ideally we'd like at least 4 hours of cross over with Melbourne, Australia timezone (GMT+10) but otherwise, we are not fussed about where you work.

Nice to have

We'd love to hear from people who could help us in any of the following areas:
  • Advanced Rails
  • Docker/Kubernetes/Fargate
  • Security in Web applications
  • Experience working Remotely
  • Experience with Consulting

About us

MyAdbox is a fast-growing B2B software company in the advertising space. But we don't make ads. We help brands automate the manual production that typically an agency would do. We are trying to upend the traditional advertising industry's business model, whilst also helping the brands have more control over their brand and more visibility over what is being put in the market. We need high performing individuals who will help us grow into more markets and with more brands.

We started in 2011 with just 2 people, and 1 client (Volkswagen) and have now expanded to 40 people with clients all over the world. All while being completely privately owned and self-funded.

Perks we offer:
  • WeWork (or equivalent) membership paid.
  • 4 Weeks paid Leave
  • Maternity/Paternity Leave