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Posted 8 months ago

Octopus Deploy ( is a software company. We have over 20,000 customers around the world, and we were the #3 fastest growing company in Australia in 2017.  

We're looking for a new teammate to join our team within the United States (though working remotely). You will be tasked with helping our customers make informed purchasing decisions by providing amazing customer service. Most customers purchase through our website, but some prefer to email or speak to us. You'll help them understand their options, issue quotes, process orders, work with resellers and partners, and generally be the main point of contact for most of our customers with questions about how to buy. 

This role is focused on customers that are new to Octopus, or existing customers with plans to expand their usage. We think of this role as being less about sales, and much more about providing exceptional customer service.

Our philosophy

Octopus is "bought, not sold," by the people who have to use it. Our strategy relies on customers starting with small Octopus setups, succeeding and being delighted, and then expanding into larger setups. It's a land and expand strategy that only works if customers achieve their goals and enjoy using our software. Rather than "selling" to customers and trying to land the largest deal up front, we want this role to focus on educating customers and helping them to "buy" on their terms, when they are ready. In our model, real revenue comes after the customer is happily using our product, not before.

We want our customers to buy the software which fits their requirements, not try to up-sell them for features or services they don’t need or want. If a customer plans on starting small and growing their footprint, your job will be helping them understand the how upgrades in Octopus Deploy work.  If they can’t decide between self-hosted or Octopus Cloud we want you to help them understand the differences in cost and features. 

Other members of your team are based in the US, UK, and Australia, so this will be a remote role - you'll spend most of your time working from home. We'll also bring you to Brisbane, Australia for your initial training and one or two times each year to connect with the team.

A typical day in the role

  • Call with a potential customer who is wondering which version of Octopus Deploy meets their needs.

  • Participating in a demo call alongside one of our technical architects, to help answer any pricing questions.

  • Answering emails and generating quotes for new and existing customers looking to purchase, upgrade or renew their license.

  • Following up on quotes and ensuring our customers have all the necessary information to make the best decision possible for them.

You'll be a great fit for this role if

  • You love talking to people and helping them make informed purchasing decisions

  • You've sold software to people who work in technology (developers, DBAs, operations, system admins)

  • You are a friendly, helpful, down to earth individual

  • You are patient and customer service oriented

  • You're excited to be part of a fast-growing company, and enjoy finding ways to improve processes

  • You have excellent written communication skills

  • You are organized, consistent and have a high level of attention to detail

  • You're excited to learn our (fairly technical) product (with our help, of course)

This is a full-time, permanent, salaried role. It is not a commissioned role. The salary range will be between $50-$60,000 depending on location and experience. We also provide great benefits, including generous health insurance, dental, vision and life insurance, 401(k) matching and 30 days paid leave per year.

About the company

We make Octopus Deploy, software that enables teams to deliver working software to production. We've become the "best in class" tool in our category by focusing on doing one thing and doing it very well. Founded in 2012, we now have over 20,000 happy customers around the world, and we employ 50 wonderful people.

We're not VC-funded; we've been profitable since day one, and there's no big exit plan, so for us, it's all about the journey and building something that will last forever. In 2017 we were the #3 fastest growing company in Australia, and while we've grown quickly, we've done it conservatively. Our business model is all around understanding our customers, building great software, backing it up with great support and customer service, and making it incredibly easy to discover, learn and use.

Most of our team is based in Brisbane, Australia, where the company started, though we've spread to other parts of Australia, the US, UK, and Argentina. Because our team is distributed, everyone works from home most of the week, so we've built a remote-first culture. 

We hope that you'll do your best work while at Octopus, and we trust you to find ways to work that work best for you and invest in your journey. That means freedom to choose the best location from which to work each day: it might mean working from home, from an office, a cafe, or a co-working place, or some combination through the day - whatever makes you most productive and able to do your best work that day. We know that great knowledge workers need great tools, and we have various programs available including a program to choose your own laptop, and an allowance for setting up the ultimate home office set up. We have a helpful, personable approach to feedback (1:1's and 360 reviews from your peers), a professional development program that revolves around your career journey and preparing you for the future, and a standardized approach to salary & job title reviews.

Most importantly, we believe that what matters most in a job is the people you work with each day, knowing you're working on something that matters, where your work is appreciated, you have the opportunity to learn and grow, and where you have a manager that supports you. We work hard every day to ensure Octopus is a great place to work by those measures.