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Posted over 1 year ago

Do you love persuading people and business to take action?

Do you love to be in touch, social and communicative with people?

Would you love a work-from-anywhere and flexible hour job?

Are you not afraid to email/call people and connect with them?

Do you know how to be appropriately persuasive? Building relationships quickly that are a win-win for both parties?

Then we’re looking for you!

We’re looking for a results-driven sales representative to actively seek out and engage customer prospects. You will provide complete and appropriate solutions for every customer in order to boost our top-line revenue growth, customer acquisition levels, and profitability.

Duties will include sales presentations and product demonstrations, as well as negotiating contracts with potential clients.

In order to be successful in this role, you will need to have a deep understanding of the typical B2B sales process and the associated dynamics. Previous experience in a sales role is an advantage.

Connex Digital Marketing has developed a systematized process for three in-demand services. We're now looking for an individual who can help us increase our business and top-line revenue. We’ll teach you the technical side of what we do and what we offer.

The perfect candidate will experienced in sales and outreach and have a firm grasp on the do’s and don’ts of convincing someone to take action (ie, pleading makes you look weak, explaining what’s in it for them makes you look attractive and intelligent -- and convincing!)

You will be expected to follow up with emails and phone calls within a 4-hour timeframe M-F 8-5 Eastern time. Meaning you’d have to check in at least twice daily in that time period and respond to all emails/phone calls. But that means significant flexibility in hours. This is a commission based job so the more you sell the more money you make, but it’s up to you to be efficient with your time.

You will also need to call people to stand out of the crowd. We want you to go above and beyond just sending emails. We’ll need you to reach out to people by any means necessary (social media platforms etc).

Join our team while working from any location with a fun and creative NON-corporate culture. The qualified individual we’re looking for should be outgoing and great with outbound calls, emails, and social media outreach, while also being able to work well with management, VAs, and technical teammates.

## Products you will be offering/selling:
* PPC (Online Advertising) Primarily Google/Bing Ads and Facebook Ads (others as needed).
* SEO (Organic Search Engine Optimization) Primarily link building through the Skyscraper method popularized by Brian Dean of Backlinkio.
* Business Process Automation (Connecting apps to CRMs etc.) Primarily Zapier integration.
The Skyscraper/SEO product pays the best commission, sells the easiest and is the best serviced by our existing worldwide staff. The PPC product is well defined and simple to sell. The Business Process Automation is a custom quote situation and will take significantly more work, is typically a one-time only project, but the individual commission is higher.
## Commissions
Initially, you will have a minimum 25% commission. Our typical subscription product price point is $900, with some (one-off) projects in the $10k-$35k range. Our PPC and SEO products are subscription based, so the initial commission will be minimum 25% and for the life of the client you will receive a minimum of 5% commission. There is no limit to the commissions you can make with Connex. We have a solid track record, great numbers/case studies, and great systems in place. We just need you to bring more clients to us. We’ll take care of the rest.

Connex prides itself in rewarding hard work. We do not pay hourly, we do not offer vacation time, instead, we agree that you will provide the above service for the price agreed upon. We will not check your hours worked etc. Simply that you are meeting the agreed upon sales goals.
## Sales Goals
We have 20 clients currently and would like you to bring in an additional 3 clients in your first month. Once they are a client you will simply need to maintain the relationship, check in with them quarterly to see if we’re servicing them well and if they want to increase etc. You can use these as opportunities for upselling or cross-selling options. This is why the residual commission is being offered. We want to make sure clients don’t get “dropped” and still feel connected to you even though other teammates are actually doing the work/account management.

This initial phase is for 4 weeks. If we don’t see quality follow up and lead conversion activity we cannot continue. However, if you prove yourself helpful/useful in those 4 weeks you’ll be brought into the team for the long haul. We will also use this initial 4 weeks to set realistic monthly sales goals.

# Responsibilities
***Selling our products and services**using solid arguments to prospective customers. This should be obvious, but this is the main goal/responsibility of this position.
***Performing and tracking sales activities**through social media, email, and telephone. Including:
***Connecting with leads**to maintain relationships or convert to clients: potential leads, current clients, and past clients to determine timing, needs, and budget.
> ***Generating leads**: Research business and their employees to determine potential leads (We’re opening to using paid services for this, but you will manage the implementation of the service)
> ***Making Sales/Relationship building calls/emails**Maintaining positive business relationships to ensure future sales
> ***Performing Sales Presentations**
> ***Managing leads/contacts in a CRM**, track activity and pipeline within the CRM (We’re open to using your desired CRM as we do not currently have one in place).
***Weekly Reporting**outlining successes and opportunities
***Speaking/Writing in Native English**. Since this is an outreach position you must speak native English (American, British, or Australian accents are great, Indian English accents will not work with this position). You must also write native English.
***Meeting or exceeding sales goals**. See below for a description of sales goals
***Developing quotes**, promotions, and supporting material as needed
> ***Negotiating contracts**with prospective clients.
***Understanding our products**, the benefits, the potential outcomes for clients and the pricing. The ability to explain these products, the benefits and the process of these services/products will help you close deals.
***Recommending changes in products**, services, and policies by evaluating potential client needs and our ability to pivot to meet those needs.
***Maintaining professional and technical knowledge**by reading blog posts/books, establishing personal networks, participating in online forums, and participating in professional societies.
***Continuously improve through feedback**