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Posted 9 months ago

Script Analyst (Remote)




Seeking readers to evaluate and give notes on screenplays.

Pay is per submission, and usually averages $12-$18 per hour, depending on the coverage package requested and how fast you work. Job is telecommute, so you work from home or wherever you are. Hours are completely flexible – work as much or as little as you want.

The ideal candidate…

  • Loves reading – You will be reading short film scripts, screenplays, and TV pilot scripts
  • Loves writing – After reading the script, you will be writing anywhere from 1.5 – 7 pages of notes indicating areas where the script can be improved, areas where the writer has succeeded, and what steps can be taken to bring the script to its fullest potential
  • Loves movies – Knowledge of current film and television trends, as well as the basic framework and structure of screenwriting is essential
  • Is good at organizing thoughts and breaking things down into components – You will be breaking down the different elements in the script (character, plot, concept, dialogue, etc.) and addressing how they complement and influence each other
  • Has a supportive and engaging style of writing – The notes need to be clear, concise, thoughtful and actionable. The writer must be able to follow your thoughts, understand what their next steps are to improve the script, and must feel safe enough that they don’t become defensive and feel attacked by an overly-critical judge.
  • Is detail-oriented – Coverage must be presented professionally, must not contain typos or content errors, and must be grammatically clear and exhibit intuitive reasoning.
  • Is kind but honest – It can be very intimidating to submit your work to be judged. The ideal candidate will be able to provide detailed, actionable notes about changes that can be made to improve the script, while simultaneously helping the writer to feel supported. Writers should feel that the reader is “on their side”, is excited about the potential of the project, and is committed to supporting the writer and working with them to make their script exceptional

Preferred but not required…

  • Industry or reader experience with a production company, management company or agency, as well as experience with any publishing houses, literary agencies or literary magazines
  • Experience as an editor
  • Teaching experience
  • Understanding of human psychology