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Posted about 1 year ago

CAPX is designed to serve a marketplace of aprx. 80K companies in the US with annual corporate finance transaction value in hundreds of billions. We are focused on creating our core platform that works on the universal principles of risk management and financial analysis, which would allow us to continue expanding globally with limited FE modifications. 

We are a pre-launch start up with a small team. we expect each member to contribute to conception, design, development and improvements of entire CAPX platform without hierarchical constraints. The level of your intellectual curiosity and drive to create something meaningful would be the only key differentiators. 


* Rapidly learn the existing logic and structure of the system so that you can contribute to any component of the system that needs growth or change. Likely immediate priorities: third party API integration for certain verification processes, building of specific market places while integrating them to the core system and test structure development for certain parts of the system.

* Deliver on agreed upon time lines and work without any supervision on your own schedule.

* Own the development – from architecture to FE implementation – for new components of an ever growing system.

* Develop 100% reliable code written with appropriate test structures while maintaining security and user experience as priorities.

* Document your work, share with other developers on the team and continually learn the work done by others to maintain team agility.


* Undergraduate or graduate degree in computer science, engineering or other technical disciplines.

* Meaningful track record of developing web applications with demonstrable and detailed full stack experience in a TDD environment.

* Demonstrable expertise in JavaScript in general and in Node.js, Meteor, and Mongo DB in specific.

* Well-versed in ES6, HTML5 and CSS3/SCSS.

* AWS, dev ops and security experience would be huge plus but not mandatory.

* Knowledge of and demonstrable experience of machine learning and deep learning technologies will be a huge plus, but not mandatory.