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Posted 8 months ago

Senior Animator and Producer


Anywhere in the continental U.S.


We are looking for a Senior Animator and Producer to join MoveOn’s Creative Lab, which makes videos, graphics, GIFs, and other creative assets to advance progressive advocacy campaigns, policies, and candidates. The Senior Animator and Producer will drive content creation from start to finish—from ideation to production to distribution. This position will produce and edit videos and other visual content on both rapid response and multi-week timelines.

MoveOn is a community of millions of members working together to create progressive change in America. We organize to challenge entrenched power and push back against right-wing policies, while pursuing economic, racial, and social justice and a vision of a country in which everyone can thrive.

MoveOn has a particularly important role to play in the Trump era. We are working to defeat Donald Trump and the GOP in 2020 by building a powerful, multiracial, and economic populist movement that will give voters something to vote for, not just against—and we’re also working to defend communities that are on the front lines of Trump and GOP attacks, including immigrants, people of color, the LGBTQ community, and women. In service of that mission, in 2019, 2020, and beyond, MoveOn will drive impactful, movement-connected, multichannel, nimble campaigns aimed at impact.


  • Drive content creation from start to finish-from ideation to production to distribution.
  • Ideation:
    • Pitch ideas for production at morning editorial meetings
    • Stay up to date on news related to our political and policy work on a daily basis to inform pitches, scriptwriting, and overall editorial strategy
    • Keep an eye on visual trends and incorporate them into our work while keeping it within our brand’s look and feel
    • Follow changes and trends in social media, video, and motion design landscape to shape our content production and distribution strategy for maximum impact
  • Production:
    • Create at least one video responding quickly to current events each week and one longer-form video per month
    • Draft scripts
    • Gather and edit assets such as news footage, archival/stock footage, photos, headlines, graphics, music, and voiceover; direct videographers conducting interviews where needed
    • Design, create, and lead production of animation/motion graphics content, assets, and layouts for explainer videos and other products including branding templates
    • Work with colleagues to identify a “Call to Action” that viewers can take to pair with your product as needed
    • Collaborate with colleagues across the MoveOn team, incorporating their input on content and strategy
  • Distribution:
    • Export and upload video to platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube
    • Draft compelling “share text” copy to appropriately frame your content for social media distribution
    • Create and lead a promotion plan for the content you create, including identifying other groups/individuals to contact about amplifying
    • Use analytics tools to test and optimize your videos/other products
    • Archive completed videos and fill out tracking databases
  • Innovate and experiment in collaboration with our analytics and social media teams to create content that’s shareable, impactful, and persuasive
  • Help develop and execute team processes, such as production workflows, content management, reporting out metrics, ad buying, etc.
  • Engage in rapid-response communication in a remote office environment using email, Slack, video conferencing, and phone
  • Employ effective time management to manage multi-issue campaigning and ensure a healthy work-life balance


  • 5+ years of experience in crafting motion graphics/video/visual assets for progressive advocacy and/or electoral campaigning
  • 5+ years’ experience in scripting, editing, and distributing digital video, especially for social media
  • Your portfolio demonstrates the ability to think through the design process from a strategic and creative point of view, excellent storytelling ability, and a high level of craft. You have a track record of using video editing, animation, titles, and audio to grab viewers’ attention and craft emotionally resonant narratives.
  • Excellent graphic design skills, including the effective use of color, composition, and typography
  • Advanced knowledge of Adobe After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, and Illustrator
  • Knowledge of codecs, resolutions, and file formats—can pull video from multiple sources and convert it to usable formats
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver accurate and artistic video under tight deadlines
  • Ability to incorporate feedback as part of our collaborative production process
  • Deep understanding of and commitment to consistently developing and improving organizational equity; experience implementing equitable practices and culture, with a demonstrated track record of success in this area
  • Inclusive, consultative decision-making with demonstrated commitment to listening to team members and changing course when needed based on feedback
  • A relational colleague with high emotional intelligence and experience being emotionally supportive to staff during stressful or difficult periods; acts with high integrity, professionalism, low ego, and camaraderie

Reports to: Creative Lab Director

Location: MoveOn is a virtual organization, and the Senior Animator and Producer can live anywhere in the United States.

Classification, Salary, and Benefits: Full-time. Competitive salary including benefits such as 100%-employer-paid premiums for medical, dental, and vision insurance for all staff and their children; employer-paid premiums for life insurance for all staff; four weeks accrued paid vacation time per year; 12 weeks of paid maternity or paternity leave; 10 days accrued paid sick time; and reimbursement of home office expenses.