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Posted 8 months ago

[WisePops]( is looking for a Remote senior back-end developer.\n\nYour mission? Help us bring our product to the next level.\n\n**The company**\n\nWisePops was founded in 2013 by Benjamin Cahen. At the time a full-time employee at Amazon, Benjamin managed to reach $50k in monthly revenue in 3 years with only one developer. Now generating $1M+ in annual revenue with over 1,000 clients such as Vans, Unilever, Fender, and Greenpeace, and displaying over 100M popups per month worldwide, the company is looking to step up its game.\n \nYou’ll be working with a small team of top talents with experience at Amazon, Rakuten, Line, Botify, Publicis, and Doctolib.\n \n\n**Benefits**\n\n* Competitive salary\n* Coworking space\n\n\n# Responsibilities\n * Contribute to developing new back-end features\n* Code integrations with new partners (email service providers and CRMs)\n* Challenge technical specifications for all the back-end projects\n* Help us migrate our legacy PHP code to a new PHP framework (Laravel) \n\n# Requirements\n* 3 years+ of work experience\n* Excellent knowledge of PHP (any framework)\n* Familiarity with Node.js is a plus (some of our back-end services are in Node)\n* Familiarity with a JS front-end framework is a plus (we use React)\n* Strong entrepreneurial mindset\n* Fluent in English\n* 100% Remote position \n\n#Salary\n50000+\n \n\n#Location\n- 🇪🇺EU-only