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Posted 9 months ago

\nKNØX is a custodian for cryptocurrencies. We're looking for a talented backend programmer to develop secure and robust components for our core activities: key management, payment processing, and risk transfer.\n\nThe tools and systems you build will be part of our core custody infrastructure. You must be able to design and implement software securely and concisely.\n\nTo excel at KNØX you must demonstrate exceptional performance across multiple paradigms. You're likely someone who has an eye for details which gives rise to a deep interest in distributed systems, writing bug-free code, and the practice of engineering software.\n\nIf you are interested in leading projects from conception to deployment and exploring a problem space without established solutions, we'd love to talk. \n\n\nRequirements\n\n\n* 3+ years of professional programming experience\n\n* Fluency in one of C, Go, or Python\n\n* Fluency in at least one language with a real type system\n\n* Ability to deploy and monitor containerized software in a Linux environment\n\n* Proficiency in English, spoken and written\n\n* Deep knowledge of one of the following:\n\n\n\n* Information security\n\n* Networking\n\n* Distributed systems\n\n* Database design and operation\n\n* Embedded systems\n\n* Formal methods\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nResponsibilities\n\n\n* Specify and implement controls to ensure the security of our services\n\n* Collaborate with our product development team to specify and implement APIs that front-end implementations will consume\n\n* Research, communicate, and implement the state of the art in secure software\n\n\n\n\n\nNice to have\n\n\n* Degree in computer science or related field\n\n* Experience with financial services or blockchain-based systems\n\n* Enough group theory to be dangerous\n\n\n