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Posted 8 months ago

Smile is the largest provider of reward programs in the world. We reward tens of millions of people every year, and power rewards programs for thousands of businesses around the world. We’ve got big scaling plans in 2019 and beyond - we need amazing talent to achieve our goals and you get to be the one to find them and bring them to Smile!

You'll be helping us build new ways to help online businesses excite their customers. We're looking for Senior Engineers who love to work smart and not always reinvent the wheel. You'll be working with Rails, Postgresql, Kafka, Elastisearch and Redis on the backend, and the savior that is Ember.js on the front-end - all hosted on Heroku so we can focus on shipping a great product. We use Github, Slack, and Heroku CI to communicate efficiently and ship code every day. We recognize that languages can be learned and care more about the way you think about coding than your experience with a specific language or framework.

A little more about the Smile Development team:

The engineering team at believes in being proud of your code, owning what you ship, and embracing new tools to increase developer happiness. We work in fixed-length build cycles that are punctuated by cool down weeks, where we focus on learning, architecture, and platform health. We ship early and often, using feature flags to get our code in the hands of end-users as soon as possible. We also rely on data, user research, and product feedback to make and shape important features and decisions.

We are remote-friendly, with engineers on our team working from home offices in Romania, Cyprus, New Orleans and more! Tell us where you'd like to work when you apply!

Immediate Challenges:
  • Scaling our existing architecture to support hundreds of millions of users
  • Rapidly growing our development and technical teams
  • Refining our public and private APIs to be Stripe-level

  • Building an impactful and delightful product for millions of users
  • Creating simple, clean code to power new user-facing product features
  • Taking ownership of features from ideation to deployment (this should also excite you!)
  • Producing repeatable and predictable delivery of features
  • Ensuring code is written to standards, has sufficient test coverage, and adheres to design requirements
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams during build cycles
  • Collaborating, teaching and learning alongside the Smile product team

What we’re seeking:
  • Software development experience (5+ years) - preferably with consumer-facing products
  • Some exposure and experience with Ruby on Rails is favourable
  • A love of mentorship, leadership, and teaching opportunities
  • An excitement for turning ideas into reliable, clear, scalable production code
  • A fondness for web API’s- we love them!
  • Someone who thrives on fast feedback loops and iterative development cycles
  • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to collaborate across the team

Traits or experience we’d love to see (you don’t need them all to apply!):
  • Experience with mentoring and/or being a part of hiring processes
  • Software development experience within the eCommerce space
  • Equivalent Experience or Post-Secondary education in Computer Science, Software Engineering, etc.

What’s it like to work at

We are a team of smart self-starters who build efficient and unique solutions to problems. You’ll be working with some amazing talent and you'll constantly be pushed to challenge yourself and improve your skills. This starts in the interview process, where you’ll be asked to show us your skills in real-time. It’s not an easy process, but we think you’ll find it rewarding and a great preview to what working here is really like.

As a team, we’re driven by these core values:
  1. Be Humble - think of the team before thinking of yourself. We have no room for massive egos.
  2. Be Hungry - set hard goals, ask lots of questions and learn every day.
  3. Be Human - show empathy towards others, consider the impact of your decisions on other teams.
We collaborate on everything. Our communication tools and our space are designed with this in mind - from physical areas to connect in comfort to Slack channels of all sorts, we enable you to reach out to those around you to make sure you have the information you need to make great decisions.

We know that as a business is in constant evolution - the same is true of our people. We’re here to support each other in our growth, so we talk openly about our career goals, hopes & dreams. With such a diverse team of people, we know we can offer you the mentorship, tools and encouragement you need to grow.