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Posted 5 days ago

\nSkills\n\n\n* Stack: Python (Flask), AWS, Postgres\n\n* Ability to expand on the vision and build reliable systems quickly\n\n* Expert documentation\n\n* Assimilate industry nuances\n\n\n\n\nProjects\n\n\n* Data integrations between our systems and public health departments via a REST API to report results\n\n* Standing up our own API endpoints for our partners to use; pushing data over to our partners APIs\n\n* Schedule jobs to import/export data in various formats\n\n\n\n\nCharacteristics\n\n\n* Work alone and with a distributed team (ie labs and patients distributed across the US)\n\n* Consistent and good communication\n\n* Take ownership of mission-critical problems that arise ("nothing is some else's problem")\n\n* After solution deployment, subsequent iterative improvement\n\n\n