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Posted over 1 year ago

Amplifier® seeks a .NET C# developer with serious development skills, strong architectural sensibilities, and a love of continuous problem-solving. The right candidate believes in efficient, right-tool-for-the-job solutions, and thinks in terms of product/market as much as code. This job isn’t just shifting bits in the ether. Your work at Amplifier will accelerate the creation, personalization, and fulfillment of physical goods being sent throughout the world.   Lean thinking drives our logistics work, and it also has strongly influenced the development of our platform. 

We are a .NET shop. Our code lives in GitHub, commits trigger continuous builds (TeamCity) before triggering automated deployments (Octopus Deploy) to internal and external hosts (AppHarbor / AWS). Our backend infrastructure is orchestrated via Hangfire and synchronizes with Walmart-scale backend logistics systems.  Our operations are driving by lean thinking, and our development is, too. 

You’ll also be working on our client-facing web application and our public API, along with various internal tools. We leverage and contribute back to open-source projects when they’re the right tool for the job.


* Write, test, deploy, and support new and existing systems

* Accelerate the development of Amplifier's platform

* Expand Amplifier's APIs

* Work with minimal supervision, as part of a small team

* Manage your time well

* Become fluent in our business domains of e-commerce, inventory, logistics, manufacturing


* C#/.NET

* Databases - SQL Server, SQL, Dapper, EF, etc…

* Web Development - ASP.NET MVC, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

* Systems Integration - HTTP/REST, JSON, XML, SOAP, etc...

* Front end instincts - Bootstrap

* Unit/Integration Testing

* … the rest is icing.


* Ask thoughtful questions

* Empathetic to the users of our platform

* Suggest informed improvements inside and outside your domain

* Understand working within a system's context, not merely with isolated apps

* Excited to see your work impact efficiency, help produce tangible results, and delight clients

Strong pluses

* Experience with e-commerce and modern order management

* Familiarity with warehouse management systems (particularly Manhattan SCALE WMS)

Benefits include:

* Competitive salary

* Very flexible

* Health Insurance - Medical, Dental, Life/LTD

* Access to the company’s on-site CrossFit-equipped gym

* Paid Holidays, Paid Time Off (PTO), 401k

* Smart, driven colleagues, eager to share their domain knowledge

* Support for remote work (for the right person)

Amplifier is committed to solving hard problems with folks you'll enjoy working with.  We don't micromanage so we seek developers who thrive working remotely.

How to Apply

Please attach a payload of whatever best represents you and your work - code, live apps, descriptions of projects and your role in them, GitHub repositories, resume/CV/LinkedIn, client/coworker testimonials, narratives of great development experiences you've had, etc... Also, include salary expectations and any other desires you have for your next work opportunity.