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Posted 8 months ago

As a Senior Server Ops Engineer at DECA Games, you have in-depth experience with AWS Cloud Services, and building scalable, maintainable infrastructures from scratch using modern operations best practices. In addition, you have had experience optimizing legacy infrastructures to improve their cost efficiency.

Work Experience Requirements

  • 5+ years experience working with large-scale AWS infrastructures

  • Experience optimizing cost on a high volume infrastructure

Skills Requirements

  • Extensive experience with cloud architectures via AWS, GCP, or Azure

  • Extensive experience with security-minded cloud networking

  • Extensive experience working with legacy infrastructures

  • Extensive experience with AWS CloudFormation

  • Extensive experience in Git, Docker and Jenkins pipelines

  • Extensive experience with self-testing to minimize and fix issues

  • Experience with High-Load or Data-Intensive applications

  • Experience with PagerDuty, Datadog, and Splunk

  • Experience with Containers(Docker/Kubernetes) is a plus

  • Strong Documentation / Presentation / Communication skills

  • Strong problem solving / debugging skills

  • Ability to work unsupervised

  • Ability to assist others in their work