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Posted over 1 year ago

Have you ever found yourself rewriting onboarding tours, in-app tips, or product tutorials in your head? Do you consider information to be a powerful and essential element of a user's experience? If so, joining Atlassian's Content Design team might be for you! We're hiring for an innovative role in our new Growth and Activations team.

In other words, this isn't a traditional technical writing role. As part of the Atlassian design team, you will:
  • Work closely with a cross-product team that focuses on growth for the Atlassian product suite.
  • Help form, and then prove-out, a perspective for how we onboard customers consistently to our products.
  • Develop successful ways to measure the value we create for customers, and share them with the wider content team.
  • Experiment with different approaches to information in the UI, documentation, supporting materials, and anywhere else our customers experience information.
  • Set the course for a strategic area of content within the Atlassian platform.
  • Work directly with the platform, design system, brand, marketing, product management, and support teams; you'll help improve the way our users experience their entire product journey.

  • We're searching for someone to help create exceptional experiences that quickly and clearly demonstrate the potential our products unlock for all teams.
This job is for someone who thinks bigger than traditional software documentation. You like to see the broader outlines of the content strategy in addition to being able to explain complex features within tiny amounts of product real estate and communicate value in a compelling, clear and effective way. Ideally, you'll possess the following traits:
  • having a growth mindset and uses data-informed insights in making content
  • ability to identify, analyze, and manage relationships with and between stakeholders
  • experienced in creating and iterating content across multiple channels and is accountable for content decisions
  • a knack for creatively engaging with audiences
  • experienced in meeting the needs of users across a variety of channels
  • a strong storyteller with strong facilitation and collaboration abilities, a flexible and friendly approach to working with teams, and the attitude to always strive for the best outcomes

  • On any given day you can expect to be educating other content creators, testing and validating content, engaging with product managers, developers, and designers.
Ideally, you have strong experience with...
  • Working closely with engineers, designers, and PMs in an agile environment
  • Maintaining voice and tone
  • Writing high-quality documentation
  • Explaining complex technical topics to a variety of audiences
  • Using design thinking and design processes (sparring, user journeys, personas) to improve or validate your work