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Posted 4 months ago

What we're looking for

Agnoris is seeking a strong engineer with experience in modern SaaS web applications tech stack to deploy a highly scalable data analysis product for the restaurants industry. 


  • Full stack feature development - from architecture and DevOps to sophisticated database queries and API middleware

  • Holistic application performance optimizations along the tech stack - serverless, caching, db admin, query optimizations etc.

  • Define strategic and tactical tech roadmap in conjunction with product roadmap

Examples of Deliverables

  • Develop product features backend in Python + Postgres

  • Migrate API from AWS Lambda to EC2

  • Set up performance monitoring for Postgres DB

  • Optimize connection pools to Postgres

  • Introduce cashing for API

  • Optimize complex SQL queries

  • Set up ETL pipeline quality monitoring and reporting


  • API middleware - GraphQL on Python (Django)

  • Advanced SQL on Postgres

  • Data manipulation in Python

  • Postgres DB admin

  • Serveless frameworks, preferably AWS Lambda

  • Data pipelines, preferably AWS SQS/SNS

  • Strong advantages - React.js experience, knowledge of statistics

  • Experience with data-driven products

  • Religious about tech tradeoffs being dictated by product value


  • Above market-level salary; possible equity

  • Flexibility of hours and locations

  • Ownership and independence - you're (almost) your own boss

  • Opportunity to make a dent in a very large industry

  • Working with cutting edge tech stack and an opportunity to push SaaS boundaries forward

  • Opportunity to join a YC company with strong culture

About Agnoris and How to Apply: