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Posted 11 months ago

Dillon Software is looking for a highly skilled and experienced database developer to contribute toward several very large projects.  The position is actually a combination of four roles:

Database Architect - understand very complex application requirements and design appropriate data structures that meet the requirements, plan and execution database migration activities (e.g. from Oracle to PostgreSQL) with little to no downtime,

Database Optimizer - tune existing database interactions, look for suboptimal SQL and optimize it either through restating it, providing indexes, redesigning it to use other structures such as materialized views, serve as a consulting resource to other developers and clients,

Database Administrator - monitor database infrastructure in Amazon RDS, proactively looking for capacity issues; deploy new environments, create and manage credentials for developers,

Database Developer - write and deploy high-performance triggers, stored procedures and functions where appropriate

Skills & Requirements

EXPERT level skills with the following are REQUIRED for consideration:

* PostgreSQL 9.6 and above, including plpgsql

* Oracle 11gR2, including pl/sql

* SQL query optimization in both PostgreSQL and Oracle environments, including the ability to accurately interpret query plans

In addition to the requirements, we would also strongly favor candidates with the following experience:

* Oracle 12 and above

* Data partitioning and sharding

* NoSQL data stores, particularly DynamoDB, MongoDB

* Redshift and other bigdata stores and analysis tools

Only individual candidates located in the United States and meeting all the requirements should apply. No agencies or firms - domestic or offshore. We will not consider or respond to candidates not meeting all the requirements. This is a remote, 1099 contractor position. If applying, please include your resumé, three recent professional references, and your hourly billing rate.