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Posted 6 months ago

\nRequired:\n\n\n* Production node experience\n\n* Production react experience\n\n* Experience with AWS Lambda\n\n* 3+ years working with modern JavaScript\n\n* Strong computer science background\n\n* 3+ years working with open-source relational database systems (MySQL, PostgreSQL)\n\n* Microservices architectures\n\n* Strong communication skills, both written and verbal\n\n* Ability to accurately estimate work\n\n* Commitment to provide quality completed deliverables with well-factored, maintainable code\n\n* Experience with VCS (git, hg, and either github or bitbucket)\n\n\n\n\nNice to have experience in one or more of the following areas:\n\n\n* 3+ years working with Python\n\n* .net mvc/.net core\n\n* React native\n\n* Serverless architectures (AWS Lambda/SAM, Python Zappa, Serverless Framework)\n\n* Building and designing REST-based web services using JSON\n\n* Cloud-based DevOps\n\n* AWS (SNS, SQS, Dynamo DB)\n\n* Bootstrap and/or Foundation\n\n* Containerization (Docker, Kubernetes, etc.)\n\n\n