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Posted 2 months ago

About Modal\n\n* We are a Y-Combinator ‘16 startup based in San Francisco, and we’re hiring hands-on devops engineers to implement a modern AWS stack.\n\n* Our SaaS business is +484% in 2020. We've raised $11+ million, 40 employees, cash-flow, TechCrunch / Hackernews coverage, and growing rapidly.\n\n* Competitive offer, super positive team. We’ve been ‘Remote 1st’ since 2016. Must reside in USA.\n\n\n\nQualifications\n\n* 5 yrs+ hands-on experience as a devops engineer.\n\n* Expert in common AWS services (EC2, S3, Route 53, Lambda, Cloudwatch, RDS, etc.).\n\n* Fluent in Terraform or CloudFormation.\n\n* Fast & proficient at Linux CLI.\n\n* Can write clean, simple, commented code.\n\n* Be a hard worker and help us crank out high-quality devops daily as an individual contributor.\n\n\n\nStack\n\n* Backend: REST API in Node, Hapi, Express.\n\n* DB: MySQL and Redis.\n\n* Frontend: React, Redux, Babel, Webpack.\n\n* Ops: EC2, RDS, S3, Lambda, Cognito, IAM, Cloudwatch, Datadog, Rollbar, CircleCI.\n\n\n\n*Full-time with A+ benefits & equity option. Must be located in United States.*\n\n#Location\n- 🇺🇸 US-only