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Posted almost 2 years ago

Swimlane is looking to add a developer with solid infrastructure and system operations experience. You will help build, maintain and scale our internal infrastructure as well as define how our developers and enterprises deploy our platform. As an influencer of our DevOps team, you will continue to automate all aspects of our software deployment and product delivery process.


* Help manage our continuous delivery pipelines (CI/CD) using Jenkins

* Design, manage, and maintain tools to automate operational processes

* Use monitoring tools to find problems, resolve and/or escalate to development and ensure that we exceed our SLAs

* Ability to apply previous experience of deploying and managing application lifecycles for customer business needs and processes

* Help, manage, and create sample deployments and customer best practices

* Handle the occasional infrastructure related support call with our customers

* Collaborate with other developers, testers, and sales engineers to ensure quality product enhancements

* Optimize like crazy; squeeze every bit of performance out of our servers.

* Automate everything!

Key Skills

* Strong knowledge Linux system administration (networking, security, databases)

* Strong experience in technical operations management with recent experience working with containers (docker, kubernetes), cloud technologies such as GCP (preferred) and AWS

* Strong scripting skills a must – Power Shell or Python

* Experience with Ansible, Chef, Salt or other configuration management system experience highly desired

* Hands-on experience with AWS, Google Cloud or MS Azure

* Ability to embed with development teams to ensure system reliability and performance

* Ability to think proactively and work independently to accomplish goals

* Self-motivated and able to manage multiple tasks simultaneously

* Good communication, presentation and collaborative problem-solving skills

* Good analytical and organizational skills

* Excellent documentation habits

Desired Additional skills:

* Expertise in monitoring systems (Nagios, DataDog, NewRelic etc) and Linux OS (CentOs, Ubuntu, RHEL, CoreOS is a plus)

* Experience with JIRA, Confluence, Distelli, Docker, Github are all bonuses.


* B.S. degree in C.S, I.S., Mathematics, or comparable. 5+ years of work experience in DevOps in Linux SysAdmin role, preferably in a fast-paced web application environment.Smart, friendly, gets stuff done.

* Can handle the command line like a pro

* Likes to code, seeking someone with at development competency, ideally Python, Node, Javascript, etc

* Experience and interest in hardware and systems; you like the nitty-gritty of Linux.

* Working knowledge of TCP/IP, ICMP, SSH, LDAP, DNS, and other low-level network things.

* Virtualization experience (Xen, KVM, VMware or OpenVZ).AWS or other Cloud management experience.Intensely driven and proactive.

* Ability to learn quickly.

* Great team and business communication skills; project management communication ability.