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Posted over 1 year ago

Company Overview

Citrusbyte's mission is to accelerate the worlds transition into the digital age. We achieve our mission by helping enterprises modernize their workforce, operations, and products. Our primary strategy is to seek out passionate technologists, connect them with challenging problems, and build systems to support their success. We have a culture of empowering technologists to do their best work and think of managers as a supporting role rather than command-and-control.

Job Summary

This is a unique opportunity to work on a variety of challenging projects with the worlds leading authority on cloud software: Google.

Citrusbyte is working with Google to build a nation-wide DevOps team and has the ability to give a few individuals the opportunity to work remotely for Google. You will work on various DevOps projects internal to Google as well as deploy complex systems to GCP for Fortune 500 clients. GCP expertise is not required but cloud experience is.

You will work in concert with other Citrusbyte DevOps team members and directly with Google and their clients. You will help design, architect, and execute on plans to leverage GCP to add scale, resiliency, availability, and deployment confidence to large-scale software platforms. These are true high-volume mission-critical systems serving millions of users.

Responsibilities and Duties

* Setup projects for success. Gather information and requirements, explore solutions, and create a plan for success. Communicate with others using the method you think fits best for any given situation, such as making technical documentation, demos, or meetings.

* Write code using the latest best practices. Write production code, proof of concepts, demos, or libraries for use with GCP. Work with Terraform and other Hashicorp tools, container orchestration, log aggregation, and CI/CD pipelines.

* Work directly with engineers and stakeholders. You will report to a manager at Citrusbyte but will work directly with executives at Google to help plan and execute work. You will work directly with other DevOps team members, engineers, and project stakeholders.

Qualifications and Skills

* Experience with Infrastructure-as-Code. Experience defining infrastructure as code using Terraform and K8s.

* Cloud platform experience. Extensive experience with either AWS, GCP, or Azure. Experience should be across multiple applications or companies.

* An understanding of modern DevOps/SRE concepts. Immutable infrastructure, GitOps, Google Site Reliability, IaC, serverless.

* You have well rounded hands-on DevOps capabilities. Hands-on experience with containers (K8s/Docker), Linux (Bash/CLI), CI/CD, log management (ELK or similar), message queueing.

* Excellent writer and communicator. You are excellent at diagramming architecture, documenting recommendations, and communicating them to coworkers and stakeholders.

* You can design technical architecture. You have a general understanding of a wide array of open source technologies and how they fit together. For example: when do you store data to MySQL vs memcache and why? What is the function of reverse proxy like Varnish? etc.

Benefits and Perks

* Access to all Google contractor perks. Access to Google facilities across the US, including catered lunches, latest computer equipment (fully loaded Macbook), etc.

* Work on public open source projects for Google. Work on public open source projects for Google and GoogleCloudPlatform github.

* Work on a variety of high profile and challenging projects. Business-as-usual projects are referred to Google Partners, you will be representing Google directly on their highest profile and most interesting and challenging projects.