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Posted about 2 years ago

We’re Loom Network, a Techstars NY ’18 startup. We build blockchain tech that makes it easy for developers to build large-scale games and social apps on Ethereum.If you’re in the crypto space, you may have already heard of us. We’re the first Ethereum scaling solution in production (, Vitalik has tweeted about us (, and our free code school is the #1 Ethereum programming resource on the Internet.About technical team hereOur technical team is largerly remote, working in Asian timezones. We have 25+ developers and several engineering managers, we are looking for someone to come in and manage our Americas timezone operations. We’re looking for someone (full-time, remote ok) who IS good at staying organized and systematizing things, who can manage Kubernetes clusters, ansible and cloud hosting.Activities will include:* Stress and Load testing * Spining up clusters with ansible* Multidatacenter, multi cloud connectivity * Monitoring, ideally with Prometheus and GrafanaAbout our stack:* All our blockchain software is written in Go* We are big fans of Vue.Js on the frontend but not religous* Mysql and Elastic Search for traditional apps* Everything is build on CI and continuous deployed to our staging environments* We use Google Cloud and Kubernetes for all our non Blockchain workloads* While not fully TDD, we do have extensive test suites for all our productsOur ideal candidate:- Has built multicloud solutions - Knows ansible like the back of their hand- Can spin up full environments for load tests and long living stress tests- Knows Kubernetes Preferred experience:- Having worked on a 24/7 ops team that is geographically distributed- A background in Backend Software development - If you’re already knowledgable about Ethereum and DApp scaling, that’s a huge bonus! But not required.