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Posted about 1 year ago


Bluecode’s vision is to build Europe's leading mobile payment network and to fundamentally replace the outdated US focused card-based infrastructure, leveraging European data protection principles and direct access to the bank account.

Bluecode is accepted at over 18’000 locations in Austria and Germany, from large and small department and supermarket chains to famous events like Oktoberfest.

Last year we partnered with Alipay to let Chinese consumers pay with Alipay at every Bluecode enabled merchant and we have even bigger plans for this year!

Watch our CEO pitching at the NOAH startup conference in 2018 to understand what we are about:

We are looking for a talented front-end developer to join one of our existing teams. We are passionate about good software development and modern working practises that we are constantly iterating on.

We prefer to find the best fit for our open roles rather than just the best within a commutable distance of a fixed office location and so we are all fully remote around the world from Thailand to Mexico and everywhere between.

Our tech stack is practically all Elixir, for DB we use Postgres, for front-end mainly VueJS and TypeScript. Our infrastructure runs on Kubernetes and bunch of other things like Terraform, Docker, Prometheus, ElasticSearch, Kibana, Fluentd, Argo etc.

You will be working in an agile team following our own version of the Scrum methodology and reporting to Head of Engineering & the Chief Technology Officer. Our workflow is focused around 2 week sprints, well defined stories, pull requests and code reviews.

We believe great developers deserve the right culture to be productive and we believe we can help push you to do the best work you are capable of. For us continuous improvement doesn't apply just to the software we create but to everything we do including our people.

If the above sounds good and you'd like to come and help us create the user experience our users deserve & write some great code; our interview process looks like this

Send CV & link to Github/Other online profile using form below

Short non-live coding test - Implementing a simple algorithm & user interface with a front-end tech of your choosing (JS, TS, Elm etc)

General Interview - Technical & Behavioural questions (1 hour) with Head of Engineering

General Interview with our CTO

Offer & Reference checks

Looking forward to hearing from you and if you have any questions please ask [email protected]


We are looking for an experienced Front-End developer with

Strong experience and comfortable with HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Up to date knowledge of the ecosystem as a whole

Able to evaluate technologies/techniques/standards/tools emerging in the ecosystem

Ability to feedback to backend API design

Good understanding of the tools with ability to setup & configure them (linters, preprocessors, build systems, task runners, bundlers etc)

Strong opinions and good knowledge of how to structure CSS for maintainability and reuse across multiple projects

Experience consuming RESTful JSON APIs and ideally also familiar with GraphQL APIs

Proficiency and understanding of VueJS, React or the Elm Architecture

Experience with Testing (TDD, mocking/spying/stubbing, test runners, unit/integration/functional tests)

Experience with TypeScript, functional programming, typed languages or Elixir are not required but highly desirable.


Some of our perks include

25 days of holiday

Fully remote & flexible hours

~20% housekeeping time allowance

Conference budget

Monthly 1-to-1s

A generous equipment stipend every 2 years

Salary depending on experience but we don’t want you to worry about earning more elsewhere, so we pay what you would get at a non-remote job in European Tech Hubs

The best part however is the opportunity to work with other talented and passionate developers doing good work you can be proud of!

We do not currently work with any Agencies/Recruiters/*-shoring/*-sourcing companies. If this changes in the future we'll contact you.